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Health Time Capsule

Posted Apr 01 2012 11:32am

I have decided to participate in the  Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge (HAWMC)  where you blog every day the month of April about a given topic. The first topic is the Health Time Capsule.

If I were making a time capsule of me and my health focus that wouldn’t be opened until 2112, this is what would be in it:

A picture of me when I came over to America. Being  adopted  gave me a chance to do something with my life that I wouldn’t have been able to do if I were still in Korea. I don’t know that I would necessarily have gone to such a great university and been so successful in my career had it not been for my adoption. But I also have experienced racism (I even wrote a  post  about it!) and learned that people can be mean. Not that you have to look different to experience that people can be mean, but it sure helped! I learned that being different is good and experiences like that make you a stronger person. I definitely live by, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger! Someday when I am ready to start a family, I want to adopt a baby from Korea and share the same experiences and opportunities that I was given.

A picture from my recruitment for my sorority, Gamma Phi Beta. I told myself in high school that I would never in my life join a sorority. Boy was I wrong! I was feeling like I needed more in college and decided, why not give it a try! This experience allowed me to see that you can’t rule out anything. You don’t know until you give it a try and maybe you might make some great friends!

Chicago Marathon finisher medal. This was my gateway race into running. This marathon helped me realize that running is my passion! (Race Recap  here !)

Boston Marathon finisher medal. This was the race that I was aiming for when I signed up for Chicago Marathon. It was also the race that I thought I wasn’t going to finish but I was able to power through and still get an amazing time. (Race Recap  here !)

Pumpkinman 70.3. I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would complete a half Ironman. There were so many times during training that I thought I would have to quit training. There were so many times during the actual race that I thought I wasn’t supposed to be doing this. Could I balance all this training, work, social life, and keeping my boyfriend? I did, but it was tough! There were definitely times of blood (not kidding-got a  bloody nose !), sweat, and tears ( when I fell !)! This race taught me that there is always something out there tougher than my last challenge (a marathon), but if I am dedicated and strong, I can do anything.

Gummy bears. I absolutely LOVE gummy bears! I love gummy bears so much that Dave would buy me 5 pound bags of gummy bears from the candy factory nearby his college. One year he bought me TWO 5 pound bags. I was on the computer eating a bag full of them. Then his dad came downstairs and asked, “Can I see those for a second?” I gave him the bag. He walked away, and said “You are going to get sick with how many you are eating!” I had a look of shock, but realized, yes I probably will get sick with the amount I am eating.

PS. Despite how gross they may seem, CHOCOLATE COVERED gummy bears are simply the most amazing thing in the world and you HAVE to try them!

Ashley has been my friend since high school. We would plan Hawaiian cookouts, or just be really goofy together. She even dated Dave before me to see if he was ok. :) Then she let me have him.

Annie, my first friend in college. We have been through so much. We met when we first got to college and were pretty much inseparable. We ended up growing apart throughout college, but have stayed in touch since graduation. She lives across the country from me in Arizona, so it is tough to actually visit each other, but Annie is always there when I need someone to listen to me. She knows me so well and we have memories that will stick forever!

Bessie was my go to person in college. We spent probably almost every waking moment together as we were in all the same classes and on all the same projects. We experienced all things friends should. The good and the bad. We got grumpy at eachother but we got over it… Yes that photo is of me pretending a compass is a gun. This was when we were working on a final project and we were going absolutely crazy. We were goofballs. Oh did I mention that some of our friends were afraid to tell Bessie that I was in a sorority at first? Good thing she fell in love with me before she found out that I was! :)

Rob. Rob is the guy from work who I thought, “Who is that strange guy who fell and broke his arm in a back alley sprint race and there is YouTube footage of it?” That’s Rob. But we have become really good friends and one of my coworkers says Dave, Rob and I are always hanging out. I guess…well…we are! He went with Dave and watched me run my first Boston Marathon and has been there when I have needed another friend to talk to…Dave…what ARE you doing in this photo?!

My running girls. Without these girls, running wouldn’t be as much fun! And running is a huge part of my life!

Lastly, a picture of me and Dave. We have been dating since the summer before senior year of HIGH SCHOOL. That makes about 9 years come this September! We survived the long distance relationship through college and have lived together now for 4 years come this June. We are best friends forever. We know how one another works, where we need to improve, where we have improved, what makes eachother great. This picture pretty much explains it all!

So what do I think people would think if they found my time capsule? I think that people would think that I am someone who is a kid at heart and loves improving herself. I think anyone who signs up for some race loves setting goals and trying to meet them! I would also like to think that people would see that I’m trustworthy, a long term friend, and extremely open minded.


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