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Hatha Yoga Quick Flow for Strength and Evenness with Dice IIda-Klein

Posted Sep 18 2012 6:42am

There are so many types of yoga that it seems difficult to keep track of them all.  But it is kind of fun because as I go through my 30 day yoga challenge , I explore the different practices. Last night I did a 30 minute Hatha practice with Dice IIda-Klein on YogaGlo called “Quick Flow for Strength and Evenness.” This workout was tough because you had to hold asanas (postures) for up to a minute each.

If you need to be moving a lot, Hatha yoga isn’t probably for you.  You should go to a Vinyasa style yoga. But I highly recommend at least trying Hatha once. I can really see myself building strength and balance through this practice.  When we held warrior II for a minute on each side, you might think I would get bored but my arms starting to feel very weak and I had time to focus on how my hips and thighs really felt in this pose.  It was refreshing to just focus on what my body was feeling and becoming more aware.  I was definitely shaking doing some of the postures like the side plank.  It made me realize how much strength I can build in my core and arms.

Last night also opened up my eyes to the fact that I love that there are different styles of yoga and different instructors for whatever yoga mood I am in.  I don’t always want a fast paced Vinyasa, which I originally thought was my favorite.  I have been growing to love Hatha and Yin practices when my body calls for a slower moving yoga.  I guess it’s kind of like how there are different types of running workouts that I can do to mix it up and keep it interesting.  For now though, I’m just trying to jog at a comfortable pace for shorter distances so that I can remain pain free.

After my quick but strenuous yoga sesh, I went for a 2 mile jog with Dave.  It is the first time I’ve been on a jog with someone in a while.  I generally don’t like to run with other people when I’m recovering from an injury because I feel pressured to go faster when a friend forgets that I want to go slower.  With Dave it is easy for me to yell at him to slow down or else!  We ended up doing 2 miles at an average pace of 10:04.  Not too fast and not too slow for me.  My hips felt a little off during the jog, so I’m glad I am not running today.  I’m going to do another 2 miles tomorrow to see how they feel.

Do you like to workout on your own when recovering from an injury or do you need some motivation from others?

I don’t mind doing yoga with others but I like to lift or jog by myself.  It allows me to really focus on what MY body needs and wants during it’s recovery.

Are you pretty aware of how your body feels?

I thought I was, but I didn’t know my limits as well as I should have and that’s why I got injured.  I think yoga is helping me learn how to better gauge my body’s limits and capabilities.  I’m excited to see how all this yoga will affect my marathon training.


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