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Hardest Workout of the Year

Posted Feb 17 2013 12:06am

This week was a rough one for me emotionally and physically. I did survive though and as the week progressed (and FLEW by), I felt much better.


Sun-8.2 miles post-meet shakeout. Not much to say besides gorgeous weather. Oh, I did have the luxury of “racing” some middle school girls up a hill. They were walking until they saw me and then starting sprinting up it. Oh helllllll no you are not going to beat me. Obviously I killed it.

Treadmill Racing

this applies to hills, too

Mon-7.5 miles “long run” basically another 60 minute run like every other Monday. Plus flying 40s and weights and abs.

Tues- 8.0 miles of hell. I talked about this the other day and my experience with the panic attack which thankfully has not come back again. I don’t recommend doing workouts like this (1000, 800 fast, 1000, 800 fast, 1000, 400 ALL OUT) unless you’ve gotten more than 3 hours of sleep. Plus abs.

Wed- Awkward Jogging aka aqua jogging. I was planning on running but honestly? I wasn’t in the mood. And I didn’t want to push it because I am already afraid of the day where running begins to feel like a chore. I chose to lay in my bed and be a bum instead. Oh, with weights and abs.


Thurs- 6 miles “tempo” aka Christine and I didn’t feel like doing a tempo run so we just ran for 50 minutes of straight venting. We didn’t run easy at all, it was probably closer to a tempo run anyways, but we were still at conversation pace. Plus abs.

Fri-10 miles RACE DAY . I talked about it yesterday but I did the 1600 in 6:05. Not what I was hoping for but mentally I was in a much better place and I feel good going into the conference meet next week. I got the redemption I was looking for and know I can nail the 5K now. It was a sad day since it was the first time Christine and I haven’t raced together since last April at our first 5K together. Maybe that’s why I didn’t go under 6…


Sat- 10.3 miles with Kat, the speediest girl on my team. It was nice to have company on my long run for once. Sometimes it isn’t so fun going for 90 minutes by myself. Occasionally I need it, but most of the time it’s nice to have people to talk with while I run. We were moving. Holy cow sometimes I forget that a runner who runs a 5:30 1600 and an 18:30 5K is probably going to run faster than I do. It felt good, though. Just not the “recovery” run I had planned on.

Total- 50

I’m really happy with my training this week and I’m really, really proud of the way things went in terms of speed. Even moreso that I chose to take a day off that I wasn’t planning on at all. But like I said, I am worried about burning out and since running is my form of enjoyment, not to mention a way to sort out my thoughts, I am realizing I need to be more careful about how I approach it.

How was your weekend?

What did your training week look like?

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