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Happy Thanksgiving (159.2)

Posted Nov 21 2012 12:00am
I had my therapy appointment today, and it was really great. Personal stuff I can't discuss here, but I can say that I always feel better & more focused & more positive after I talk with Julie.  I'm blessed to have her.

I'm ready for Thanksgiving.  Cooking cranberries tonight (thank you Vickie for the healthy recipe!) and peeling potatoes.  Tomorrow I will make 2 potato dishes--one with rich cheese and one vegan (guess which one I will eat? :)--and also will roast green beans and heat up the brown & serve rolls.  Family comes over at 4pm.

Mark's brother from Colorado is coming in late this afternoon, so I also have to get Luke's bed ready for him. Luke will sleep on the floor of our bedroom in a sleeping bag, which he'll love, bless his little 7 year old heart.

I'm hoping I can get through tomorrow and the weekend without stressing.  Right now I feel calm & cool.  The tables are set up, the food is bought, my plan is in place.  The plan is to get up early tomorrow and go for a run before it all starts.  And then run again on Friday morning with Kate & nephew Travis (from Colorado).

Speaking of running, I ran 3.5 miles yesterday.  My training plan calls for 30-45 minutes. I have gotten faster and can get 3 miles done in 36-37 minutes.  Since my weight hadn't moved from 160.6 for over 2 weeks, I decided to start doing 3.5 miles on my short runs.  Thankfully I saw a decline on the scale this morning.

OA tradition is to call and talk to (not call and leave a message, not text, but TALK TO) three OA members on Thanksgiving.  So that's also a priority tomorrow morning.

I hope you all have a blessed and peaceful day. I'm thankful for everyone of you who reads my blog.  Whether you comment or not, I know you're out there & I appreciate your positive thoughts & energy.
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