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Happy Thank-God-For-Running Day!

Posted Oct 17 2008 9:13pm

Just a week until the Thanksgiving holiday.  Next week this time, we will be hanging out and being thankful for family, friends, health, neighbors, careers, pets,.... yada, yada, know the drill.   Before we get to the serious official holiday, let's have a little fun.  I proclaim that by the power vested by my imagination today is officially "Thank-God-For-Running Day".   And on this day, we have a chance to be thankful for all things running.  I have a long list, but will start with one thing that makes my running just a little bit better - my favorite running jacket.   

For Christmas in 1990, my very handsome boyfriend at the time (and long time husband of Dscn2256 now) gave me this windbreaker/running jacket.  I wasn’t a runner at the time – barely was a walker – so can’t remember what prompted the gift.  Regardless of the reason, it has stayed with me even as all other parts of my life have changed. 

On last count it has been hung in 4 different apartments and 3 different houses.   It has been tossed in a seat in 8 different cars.   It has been on 20 of my favorite trails – endured more miles than I could ever track.   It has been wadded into a ball and stuffed in 7 different running bags.  Its been on me or tied around my waist through 204 months and 68 seasons

Many things have come and gone in my life in 17 years, but this windbreaker has been by my side.    It has also been with me through 2 college degrees, 7 different companies, a wedding, 2 dogs, and 2 children.    I have grown bigger and it has adjusted everytime – well, with the exception of the last two months of each of my pregnancies – even its seams had limits.   

It has seen many running gadgets and electronics come and go.   It was there when I first started running and lugged a 4 pound, but very cool, cassette player.   It was happy to see the tiny MP3 of today.   It has protected at least 8 other music players from rain, sun, snow and water from hoses.   It has never missed the start of a race while it holds my Dscn2746 precious GU and a few emergency dollars.

It is now faded on the outside and barely resembles its original colors – but still is just enough warm for winter runs and not to hot for spring and fall runs.  Its zipper pockets hold my keys and phone exactly in the right way so they don’t bob around too much.   My friends know it’s faded look by heart and can pick me out in a thousand runners. 

There isn’t much in my house that has withstood the amount of change as this one piece of running gear.   I have tried others – but they just aren’t the same.  As we get closer to our 17th anniversary together - I am thankful. You could say that our partnership has weathered the storm.   haha  It's the small things that running so enjoyable - thank goodness for this jacket.

The rest of my Happy Thank-God-For-running list is pretty long.  Deep is some of it... I am so thankful for the gorgeous trail around my home, my ability to get out and run without pain again, my running buddies (Buddy and my kids), Dam to Dam, Drake Relays, Big Creek Tri, Cyman Tri, Living History Farms, Gray's Lake loop, Clive Running Trail, gatorade after a long run, water during a good run, my Mickey Mouse running gloves, my yellow headwrap, my bike - Tiger, my new headphones, my old beat up MP3 player, my Adidas Adistars, the socks Tom gave me, the gloves Bill gave me, my spandex running shorts (even though I shouldn't wear them in public), friends who get me out on a run, you guys, the Lounge.......well you get the picture, there is a lot of running things I am thankful for.  Yep, running definitely needs it own day.   This stuff would never make the list as we go 'round the table on Thanksgiving.

If you care to partake in yet another holiday, share what running things you are thankful for.  I promise that you it won't obligate you to buy presents, cards or head to another family gathering.  But, if it was a real holiday, you would all know what we would be having for dinner - yep, cookies and beer.   Ahhh...if only I was queen for a day.


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