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happy, supportive motivation vs tough love, plus a failed attempt

Posted Jul 24 2011 8:07pm
I took a rest day friday and saturday.  I was supposed to run with Erika (blog here:   this spartan will ) this morning in hines, but at 8 we texted and realized it was already wayyy too hot and she wasn't feeling 100% as she slept on her neck weird.  I wanted to go back to sleep for a bit, as we didn't get to bed until 2ish, but we were up, so we opted to do our grocery shopping and have it out of the way.  It felt good to be done with all of it before 10:30!

Once we got home, we laid around and were lazy and then...I fell asleep on the couch and Ryan and Gizmo fell asleep on the other couch (yes, we are the napping house).  By noon I knew I needed motivation, but it was sooo hot and I was not looking forward to going to the gym.  I put up a call for motivation on both facebook and twitter.  I got a slew of responses that definitely got me motivated.  One person on facebook tried the "yelling" at me approach, which I think I respond to better.  Another person on twitter said, "are you trying to get a PR in running or napping?"  (that one made me LOL).  With several people yelling at me to get my butt in gear, I realized I respond much better to people motivating me by yelling at me or giving tough love.  Pre-race, I respond well to the happy, supportive mantras like "You've got this" and "You're strong, you can do it!"  But when motivation goes missing or I need a boost in working harder, I want someone in my face yelling at me.  The spin class I used to take had an instructor that was all about the tough love and telling us to "turn it up a notch" even when we were dying.  I loved her and hated her, but it always felt like an amazing workout.  I went to a different spin class once and the instructor was much more of the happy, supportive motivator.  It made me feel less driven to go hard.  What works for you?  I guess a mix of both works best for me.  Happy, supportive pre-race and tough love when I need motivation.

I got to the gym and immediately saw this bumper sticker on a car near me
I heart DQ!  Haha, awesome!  Though, I wouldn't get it.  My heart belongs to slurpees and froyo before DQ.  My mom said, "don't they have slushes at DQ?"  I had to explain to her that slurpees and slushes are VERY different.

The positive of going to the gym midday on a Sunday is that it was pretty empty.  I hopped on a mill, with my ipod (I realllllyyy needed it today, I'll go without tomorrow.  I promise!!)  I played around with speed again and did 2.25 miles at 1% incline in 18:15.  I would have gone longer, but just felt like doing something else.  I decided to do the elliptical.  I hate the thing, but decided it was high time I made amends.  I put it on a hill workout and varied the intensity between 11-15 throughout for 15 minutes.  I followed this up with doing some of the weight machines, including the tricep one, which I hate because I'm pretty wimpy at it.  Hey, I decided if I was going to be motivated to workout today, I wasn't going to take the easy way out.  Once done with the weights, I told myself I needed to get back on that mill and bust out a power mile.
I started off strong and thought I was definitely going to go sub-7, but it wasn't going to happen.  My legs were dead from the previous cardio, plus doing some leg weights.  I ended up doing it in 7:07.  Um...surprise, surprise, that's my body's favorite time ever for one mile.  I wasn't too mad though as it still felt like an accomplished workout and I was a sweaty beast to prove it: if that isn't attractive, I don't know what is!  haha
We had bought spaghetti squash at the farmer's market yesterday and decided today was the day to try it out.  We looked up recipes online and saw a few conflicting methods, but opted to give it a whirl.
halved squash, about to take out the "guts"
Turns out we didn't cook it long enough (we don't think).  It ended up being semi-soft and semi-crunchy.  Is that the texture it's supposed to be?!  I didn't hate it, but only ate some.  Ryan was less of a fan.  At least it looked normal and my homemade cheesy garlic bread turned out perfect! spaghetti squash + cheesy garlic bread
Oh well, you win some, you lose some.  We now know for next time and will try it again sometime!  Anyone have tips?  
The rest of the night will be spent relaxing and we may go for a shorter 2 miler.  (Hey, I need to start getting back into my 2 a days).  I don't work tomorrow, so I'll be going to hines with RunnerBro and RunnerSis at 8.  Crossing fingers it's not so hot!  
Have a good rest of your weekend!  
OH and PS - don't forget to go to this post:  I made peace with the treadmill..  to ask me any questions that I'll answer in a post tomorrow!!
Here are some questions for you though:

-What motivates you more: tough love or happy, supportive words?  Is it a mixture?  
-Tips for spaghetti squash?  Is it supposed to be crunchy?

-How was your weekend?  Do anything exciting?
-If you go to the gym, do you work out better when it's empty or when there are lots of other people there to possibly push you more?


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