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Happy (single) Holidays!

Posted Dec 21 2010 8:55pm
Unlike a lot of single ladies out there (don’t lie), I’m not bitter about being single. After getting out of (and by “getting out of” I mean getting dumped) an extremely unhealthy relationship last year and finally getting over it this year, I have come to appreciate being single for what is-complete and total independence (Thanks to Taryn aka Mama Duck for helping me see this).

That being said, the holidays are not the easiest time to be single. You are constantly forced to say “no, no one special” to your distant relatives, you have to watch the ridiculously cheesy jewelry commercials, and you have to sing both parts of Baby, It’s Cold Outside.

However, just as I have embraced being single this year, I’m also currently loving the single gal holidays for some wonderful reasons…

I am doing whatever the hell I want. There is no debate about what party to go to, whose family or friends to celebrate with, or what nights are already filled. In the 10 days I’ve been home, I’ve gone to The Big Chill, babysat my godchild for 2 days, had wine and Twilight: Eclipse night with my sister, had dinner at some local diner with my grandma and mom, had dinner and drinks with my whole family at a local bar/restaurant, and went to the Red Wings game with my dad.

I’m not saying people in relationships can’t do this stuff, but it is certainly nice to be able to pick what I want to do each and every time.

I’m spending money on myself. Gift giving can be stressful. Let me tell you, buying myself some well deserved snowflake Victoria Secret sets did not stress me out at all. Why should I have to wait to be in relationship to get something I really want? I think I’m pretty awesome and bought a present to let myself know that.

I’m doing the holidays my way. I’ve been blasting the Glee Christmas album, making snowmen wherever my heart desires, and watching the claymation Christmas movies (Snow Meiser, anyone?) because it’s how I celebrate the holidays. I don’t have to suffer through Bad Santa or pretend to like egg nog.

Now that I’m seeing clearly about my single life over the holidays, I’m loving other people’s lives too-I get all warm and fuzzy when I see couples holding hands in mittens, I happily tear up when I facebook stalk my friend’s engagement stories, and I will gladly listen to what your story about how your boyfriend found EXACTLY what you wanted for Christmas. Just as long as you listen about my snowflake undies.

Happy Holidays, whether you’re celebrating with you, your significant other, your family, your friends, your pets or a combination!

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