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Happy News, Bummer News and Spun Performance Compression sock winners

Posted Mar 13 2013 6:18am
I had a pretty easy day yesterday, I ran an easy 4 miles.  Felt like I was just getting warmed up and it was over.

My son's kindergarten teacher called yesterday after school got out just to let me know how much she enjoyed having him in her class.  She had nothing but wonderful things to say about him that left me all choked up and with tears streaming down my face. SO proud of this boy. Sounds like she had a bit of a crazy day in class and Cade was a sane spot in the day.
  • He always pays attention in class
  • Is so ready for 1st grade
  • Is so polite and considerate of others
  • She uses him as an example when others are misbehaving
  • He always participates in class activities
  • He is learning new math skill easily
  • Helps others

On a bummer side of things.  I was really hoping to do another half marathon in April with my little sister.  I and several of my co workers kept emailing the website asking if they were still doing it and as recent as three weeks ago they assured as they were and it would be open for entries very soon.  Last week they postponed it until October...OCTOBER.  Not thrilled with that.  Last October they postponed it until April.

Very disappointed, there are a lot of fall half marathons, but a spring one here is so rare.  There will be no more close by me until JULY when it is SWELTERING hot and they aren't fun to run.  I will probably still do it in October, but I am still very disappointed, and sad, and let down, and bummed out.  You get the picture.

I know what you are really here for is to see if you are a winner!
if one of those is you.. send me an email at bugs2001rn AT yahoo DOT com with your address, the socks you want and what size, I will pass it along to Spun Performance .  Hope you love your socks as much as I love mine!
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