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Happy new year and happy PRP injection day!

Posted Jan 02 2014 12:19am

IMG 3785 225x300 Happy new year and happy PRP injection day! I think I just took my longest break from blogging ever–and it felt good. Good enough to make me quite happy to get back at it.

When we last met, I was a couple of weeks into my running layoff for proximal hamstring tendinopathy. Since then, it has progressed nicely, which is always a good feeling. And Tuesday, I had my PRP injection (platelet rich plasma). Actually, I had two–one in my high hamstring and one in my Achilles.

My Achilles has been bugging me since last summer, but it was always something I could run on, so run on it I did (stupid, let’s just say that). Then the high hamstring issue reared its head and I knew I had to shut things down. In the four weeks since then, the hamstring has improved drastically, but the Achilles, not as much. So when I went to the doctor on Tuesday, I asked about a twofer.

Let me say, my doctor is wonderful. He’s a runner/triathlete, and is incredibly sympathetic to my cause, that being getting out there again soon. To do a double shot of the PRP, it meant a double blood draw. Thankfully, I had cooperative veins and a cooperative doctor, so it was possible.

The PRP process is pretty cool–they do the blood draw and then spin your blood in a centrifuge to separate out the platelets. My doctor commented that I had really nice platelets and that often, that’s not the case due to the poor diets some people (college athletes in many cases) have. The better the platelet quality, the better the odds the PRP can work its magic.

Rumor had it that the injections would be painful (they do it sans pain killer) but I didn’t find it a big deal. Sidenote–the doctor and the blood guy told me that many a pro football player will squirm and squeal his way through the process. The after effects are also supposedly painful, but again, I am doing just fine.

I’m spending two days on crutches to keep weight bearing off my injected tendons, and then tomorrow I am back to weight bearing. No real exercise other than rehab for two weeks, though, and that will be hard. But if it gets me closer to running sooner rather than later–totally worth it.

In a way, I like the timing of my injections. They represent the beginning of the end and what better time to begin something than January 1st, right?

Happy new year, everyone!

I’m nominated for a WEGO Health Activist Award and if you could click here and then hit “endorse” under my picture, I’d much appreciate it!

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