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Happy Friday!

Posted Apr 26 2013 9:24am
Sorry I've been a little absent this past few days, life has gotten busy again - but in the absolute best kind of a way.

Hydrating at Work

The new job (um, did I ever mention that I have a new job?!) is consuming a lot of time right now and I've already got a massive file load, but it's wonderful. I love the job, the people I work with are wonderful and I can already tell that the new job is pretty much a perfect fit for me. It's kind of awesome thinking about work and feeling that nervous excitement and energy! I will be really, really busy and I'll be in court a LOT, but it's a challenge and I know I'm up for it. Oh yeah, and there's always a tub of [free] candy around the office. #Ivediedandgonetoheaven

The amazing view from my new digs.

I've also gotten a fair bit of running in lately... Who knew, maybe the stress that was weighing over me all the time the past few months (which is finally gone, by the way!) really was the thing that was beating all my motivation and mojo with a stick boulder. It's also gorgeous outside now, I love this time of year. I don't know what it was, but I had a major case of the running blahs and I was wanting to take a break, maybe even a trial separation - and now I'm happy to report that we're flirting madly.

I'm also really appreciating that I'm lucky enough to be able to run. All the tragedy and heartbreak last week after Boston reminded me that I'm blessed and lucky to be able to run- and I appreciate it more. After having some time to reflect on everything, I want to run the Boston Marathon more than ever. I'm so impressed by how much the running community has come together over the past week. it makes me proud to be a runner.

Do you other bloggers work outside the home on top of blogging? (How do you do it?!)

Have you run the Boston Marathon?

Is Boston one of your goals? If not, is there a race that you aim to run one day?

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