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Happy Fourth of July and What's Been Happening?

Posted Jul 04 2011 12:00am
Happy Fourth of July everyone. The Fourth is one of my favorite holidays and one very dear to my heart. It’s a great reminder of just how special our country is and of the sacrifices that people have done to not only found the country but to keep our freedoms. So to everyone thank you for making this country what it is, that is great. 

Sorry again for a lapse in blogs. Seems like between work, the ending of some of the kid’s sports and the holiday time got away from me. I wanted to at least catch up on a few things and then post some blogs before heading out to the annual family vacation later this week. So yes get caught up and then another lapse for about a week before I am back home and writing again. So here goes:

  • I haven’t mentioned the family for a while. The summer schedule seems to be more manageable now that school is out and most of the sports are done for the moment. The kids are doing what kids should do now which is spend the day playing with their friends in the neighborhood. The evenings are less chaotic and less busy. Even the mornings are better since there is not a deadline to get the kids up and ready for school. So from a juggle perspective things are really good. This frees me up in the mornings to run maybe a little later and also longer if I need to without worrying about getting back into to help with the kids.
  • I have heard from a few readers concerned that I am giving up running for cycling. Wondering what will happen to the blog if I do so. Well first I am not giving up running. It is something that I enjoy, is helping me become fit and has become a big part of my life. So no, I am not giving up running. I am looking to add cycling to my workout schedule to give me a different type of cardio workout. To supplement my workout week with something new and that many of my friends and co-workers do. So I may not do a dozen running races next year but maybe 6-8. I may do a couple of duathlons and or cycling races as well. Or maybe it will be simply riding a few times a week with friends to work on different muscle groups while cycling. But I have a lot of running goals to go for and I don’t see that changing for years to come. 
  •  Some readers as well have commented that I was too hard on myself for the midyear grading I did on my training. Maybe they are right. But you know me by now that I have very high expectations concerning my running. I am disappointed in where I am at this year in many ways. I actually am questioning if the marathon is a valid goal. But I heard what people said and looked back at my Garmin log. What I saw was that I am running more than I am walking or even on bad days an equal amount. So over the last month I am seeing real improvements in my running. Maybe these gains should have been earlier in the spring but at least they are happening. I can honestly say that I am running wise ahead of where I was a couple of years ago when I was really training. So I am happy about this.
  •  My knee is much better and no real signs of the pain that I had in the UK. I did over do it this weekend lifting things and move stuff in the garage. We cleaned out the garage and took like 300 pavers to the dump. So I moved the pavers to the car and then through them out at the dump. I also put together some furniture as well. The end result was a lot of back pain. I’ll talk more about this when I do my race in review for the firecracker 5k this week. But let’s just say it is impacting my mobility.
  •  I also hate to admit that the 13 mile training run planned for this weekend I did not do. The short of it is I did not sleep the night before and was exhausted that morning. With the heat we are having I knew it would be a bad experience and skipped it. I ended up doing the cleaning of the garage and hurting my back. So a lesson learned is a bad run is better than hurting myself cleaning out the garage.
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