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hamstring flexibility

Posted by Lara I.

Anyone know any good stretches to increase hamstring flexibility?
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Boy, Do I. Sport Stretching by Michael J. Alter has 311 Stretches for 41 Sports, and a whole section on each muscles for stretching. A great hamstring stretch that I use a lot and gets the back of my knees as well is: Lie on your back with your legs flexed and your heels close to your buttocks. Inhale and extend one leg upward. Exhale and slowly pull the raised leg toward your face, keeping the leg straight. Try grabbing the back of your thigh with both hands and hold the stretch. If you are real flexible, try grabbing the back of your ankles while stretching.
Yoga - Forward Bends. Seated forward bend and standing forward bend will both stretch the hamstrings. It's also a good idea to lie flat on your back, raise one or both legs in the air, and use a strap to pull the leg closer. This way you are sure to stretch the hamstrings and not just stretch the lower back. If you simply did a seated forward bend for a few minutes each night before bedtime, you will see a difference in a few weeks.
Be Consistent. Kenna and Stephanie have great ideas for stretching. I'd just like to add that you need to walk in place or do something to warm your muscles up before you stretch and you need to do them daily. Stretching on a regular basis is the only way to increase flexibility. At least that's the way it works for me.
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