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Halfway Serious (and thus halfway joking) Ego Trip Rant

Posted Jan 27 2009 8:12pm
With my sidebar poll now closed I should mention (for those that aren't yet aware) that a couple weeks ago Ultrarunning Magazine released their results for runner of the year and performance of the year. Looks like the voters on my blog were fairly in tune with the "anonymous" panel that chooses the award for the magazine. In both cases Kyle's unbelievable Hardrock run were clear winners.

Click here to check out Ultrarunning's tally

Being as new to the national scene as I am (2008 was the first year that I ran any ultras outside of Alaska) I didn't really expect to draw much attention from whoever makes up this anonymous panel, and well, I guess I got what I expected. Perhaps I just had a very lucid dream that I won Wasatch with one of the fastest times in the race's long history.

I did get a handful of votes for runner of the year, but I would have thought that winning as many 100 milers (2) as any male runner in the country would have perhaps gotten me a little more attention on that front as well. Then again the only other guy to also win two 100 milers ( Karl Meltzer ) got even fewer votes than I did so who am I to complain?

Anyhow, It is what it is - not something to get all uptight about. It's time I draw this shameless self indulgent rant to a close before I make myself sick. It would have been some nice icing on the cake to get a little more attention/respect for my accomplishments in 2008 but that's over and done and I'm super excited to push myself harder in 2009. And of course I'll gladly trade the lack of attention my performances in '08 got me with this anonymous panel for the fact that I've now (with the first 100 miler in '09 in the books) won more 100 mile races than anyone in the country in the past year.
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