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Half Marathon, Full Challenge. Join Us!

Posted Jun 16 2009 5:36pm

This week in the Lounge we are kicking off a 20 week series focusing on half marathons.

I am very excited to be leading the half marathon challenge titled, "Half Marathon, Full Challenge".  Over the next 20  weeks, we will be: Half marathon logo5

  • hosting weekly podcasts,
  • hosting video tips,
  • providing links to resources,
  • writing weekly articles
  • sending out daily twitter tips, and
  • facilitating a group and forum

All aimed at helping half marathoners successfully take on the distance and enjoy the adventure.  But like all great adventures, it is best done with friends.  If you are thinking about or planning on doing a half marathon this year, join in on the conversations and bring advice and tips.

My hope is that the group as a whole can learn from each other, share articles, links and resources.  Gregg and his group got the topic started in the Lounge in their Half Marathon Challenge a few weeks ago as part of his group Fat Runners Society.  Just seeing the support and knowledge exchanged in a few short days, I know that support in training is the way to go.  I am not an expert on the topic, but feel confident that our community can bring together the best resources, advice, links and conversation.  Whether you are a first timer, a I-don' t-know-if-I can-do-it, or a seasoned veteran - this group is for you!   Get involved!


  • Get involved today byjoining the grouptoday!   It takes seconds to join and introduce yourself and I guarantee you will find a support network as well as a tip or two you haven' t heard before. 
  • Join us on our weekly podcast on Sunday nights at 8 CST/9EST.   Just call in to 724-444-7444 and enter call id:  53767.   You can find a list of topics in the Lounge Group  forum.  You don' t need to be an expert - just a runner who loves half marathons or at least trying to train for one. 
  • Invite your running friends to join the challenge.  Running is always easier with other runners!
  • Share links, resources and tips.  Start easy by joining in an forum, but also try out writing an article for Lounge, doing your own podcast, filming a 4 minute video tip or submitting tips for Twitter.  Share what you know and we will all grow! A couple articles I am looking for to add to our library include:  a list of upcoming half marathons and tips/tricks for creating the perfect half marathon plan.   Please drop me a note if you have one to share!
  • Add abadge/widget to your profile  (picture above) or blog to let others know that you are up for the challenge!

And for all you marathoners out there, never fear, Tom is cooking up something great for you too and will share the details in the next few days!

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