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Hacking Your Own Life

Posted Dec 24 2013 12:00am
Looking at how many things that I've witnessed in ordinary life that started out as one thing only to morph into something else or took on behaviors or values completely different from what was self evident in the beginnings of an event, promise, legal change, behavior change I have come to look at the path of the new born human, the development of the Ego bases out of a dime sized area of the brain in primarily the left hemisphere and the myriad of us that are awakening to our existence, identities, and abilities beyond ego perceptions and expectations.

What's all that mean?

We are born with a pure sense of innocence that is huge, attuned and perceptively intelligent before we are dumbed down to just what the linear logic of the ego says is so.

What is a Trojan Horse?

The ego from a larger spiritual evolutionary view is the incubator of the maturing human power of choice once something happens in our walk through life to motivate us to wake up, question our beliefs and evict the beliefs that limit us.

It's the ego that is the thorn that must be pricked out of us or transcended before a true and mature awakening can emerge.

Just as the ego is one form of Trojan horse so is the creation of an "e" business from home towards ones Time and Financial Freedom....

Which is a Trojan for more people having the free time to explore and learn more diverse interest that will quicken the over all awakening of the planets people to things like a Basic Income Guaranty

and that becomes or combines with the revolution of home e-biz legions to unleash the unfoldment of something like The Venus Project.
Now the biggest secret..... Your The Trojan Horse for The Revolution!
Team up with us and Cause the Change we all KNOW must HAPPEN

Erskien Lenier Place to Start: Mobile: 951-515-8905
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