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Gym Rat or Gymophobic?

Posted Nov 05 2012 8:35am

I’ve had a gym membership ever since I graduated college. My current gym membership expired a month ago and since I’m about to be launched into motherhood I chose not to renew. This is a big deal for me, especially at a time when I am most concerned about staying fit.

Having a gym membership is a bit of a workout crutch or support; it’s always there and since you are paying for a service it does motivate you to go frequently. I like that a gym offers diversity with workouts and equipment, the weather environment is always the same, and you have the option to participate in classes with certified instructors.

Not having a gym membership means you might get creative with your workouts, rely on yourself for motivation, or look to join clubs or fitness groups. Instead of spending money on a membership you can choose to buy weights, DVDs, and other equipment for your home.

As an avid runner, I’ve always preferred to run outdoors versus the dreadmill and I used the gym for more of my cross training activities to supplement my running.

It’s only been a month but I will say it seems more challenging to stay motivated with the cooler, darker weather, but we did buy a cycling trainer from the savings we would have spent on a gym membership. I’ve had plenty of friends offer up some great alternatives to the gym.

It seems there is a clear divide among people, you either have a gym membership or you have no desire to ever have one.

What are your feelings about gym memberships? What are your go-to workouts?

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