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Gym-Pact Workout at Home Feature

Posted Feb 10 2013 9:00am

I have been recovering from a cold the past few days but I’m finally feeling normal.  Thankfully, I was able to sleep a ton on Wednesday because sometimes sleep is all I need to get better.

Getting sick got me a little worried about my of 5 days that I had just committed to.  I knew that you could have a doctor or someone from work email GymPact saying that you were sick so I had someone from my HR department do so.  The thing was that didn’t look at the “acceptable excuses” until the other day.  Here is what is defined in the Pact Policy :

1.3 Acceptable Excuses. Notwithstanding the above, Client will be exempt from his or her weekly or other commitment under a Pact when:

  • His/Her doctor sends a signed digital medical note indicating the period for which the Client is too ill to go to the gym. This medical excuse needs to be a specific period of time and not an open-ended exemption. If the person attends a fitness center during the period specified by the doctor, the exemption is immediately terminated. If the period spans 2* or more days into the next week, the Client will also be exempt from that the next week.
  • His/Her workplace sends a signed digital note indicating that the person has taken at least 2 sick days from work during the week that the exemption is to be applied to.
  • His/Her workplace sends a signed digital note indicating that the person has taken at least 2 personal days from work during the week that the exemption is to be applied to.
  • His/Her workplace sends a signed digital note indicating that the person has been unable to attend work for at least 2 days during the week that the exemption is to be applied to due to natural disaster conditions (where the natural disaster conditions are declared by government officials and state that it is unsafe to leave the home and/or result in public transportation closures for at least 2* days of the week).

* As used above, 2 days applies only to Clients with a 4 day (or less) commitment. For Clients with a 5 day (or more) commitment, just 1 day in any of these conditions would qualify for exemption.

I was only out sick from work 1 day because I sucked it up the day before.  Luckily I had a 5 day Pact so just one day of any of these conditions are acceptable if just one day.  Just to be safe, I decided to try my best to have a make it work moment.

GymPact just integrated a new feature to allow you to count workouts at home and I gave it a try for the first time this Friday.  You have 90 minutes to get in at least 30 minutes of movement tracked by the accelerometer in your phone.  I swear, I must have looked like a hyper active puppy running around my apartment trying to make sure I could get enough exercise done in as close to 30 minutes as possible.  I still wasn’t feeling 100% and didn’t want to workout for that long.  I made it in the 30 minutes exactly thanks to invisible jump roping!

For Saturday’s workout, I asked my friend Kristina for some at home workout suggestions.  She pinned a few new workouts on her pinboard so I decided to give the Whole Body Workout a try.  I finished the workout with half the time so I decided to modify it a bit to try to get a 30 minute GymPact workout in.  I wore my phone armband on my leg so whenever I was at a loss for something to do, I did invisible jump rope!  I realized how tough jump rope is from going to Redline Fight Sports so I want to try to incorporate it more in my at home workouts.

Here’s a little summary (roughly) of what I did:


After this week of a 5 day Pact, I decided to switch back to my 3 day Pact.  Although I often workout more than 3 days a week, it can be stressful to think about losing money (even if it is just a few bucks) because my workout doesn’t meet the GymPact standards.  I might switch it back to a higher number of days for the weeks that I am training specifically for something and know for sure I’ll be able to get the required time in.  But for now, the 3 days will do!

Sometimes my at home workouts are at home because I need them to be quick.  I really like the at home workout feature, but I wonder if it will take a while to get 30 minutes of active work if you are practicing yoga that is 45 minutes and you aren’t moving as much as you might be in other workouts.  With that said, I haven’t actually tried it yet.  I need to reach my Pact and don’t want to risk having to do double workouts when still a little sick.  I’ll test this soon and let you know how it goes!

I probably won’t need to use this feature a lot if I am running at least 3 times a week, but it is nice to have.  I wonder if they will incorporate something that will read a heart rate monitor so that way you can use that in combination with the accelerometer?  I’m sure that’s in the works!

One thing that is frustrating me about GymPact is that my referral code is not working.  I have a few friends who want to join but don’t want to until we can get our $5 reward.  My friend Kristina and I also didn’t get our reward when I joined from her link.  I guess there are some issues with the codes not being created for new users or Android users.  Please fix this GymPact!  I want to spread the word to so many people but we both want to have our $5 reward!

Another at home workout for me today or perhaps make a trek out to a gym to make a class!


What type of at home workouts do you do?

I tend to do yoga, some barre on , and running at home (well outside technically).  Otherwise I like to go to studios because the environment is more exciting!

Do you want to join GymPact?

If you do, let me know!  Maybe we can get our reward even though they don’t have the referral codes fixed.


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