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GUEST POST: Take a run through the wild side—a photodocumentary of a run through New Orleans

Posted Nov 01 2011 6:40pm
Ever wondered what it’s like to run through New Orleans…well, if you can’t do it for real, then do it vicariously through this lovely guest post provided by one of my sisters, who is affectionately known as Sissy. Enjoy….

A Run Through New Orleans

It’s a cold, sunny Saturday morning.

Yay! Let’s go for a run …

… past the neighborhood diner …

… past ceiling cat putting basement cat in his place …

… past that dude fixing his porch.

The people are setting up their tents for the monthly arts-n-crafts fair in the neighborhood park.

It’s a little colder than we’re used to, so not everyone looks cheerful.

Hey! Watch out for the trolley. They get kinda mad if you run too close to them, so I’ve been told by some completely other person totally not me cuz I’d never do something that silly.

Ooh, these are some of our favorite restaurants – Mexican, Thai, Mediterranean, Spanish, sushi and noodles, beer and hamburgers –now I’m hungry.

Let’s see what’s happening up on the levee this morning.

Yuck. The view is not enticing …

… and it is lonely and windy up here.

The neutral ground is the place to be.

Jog around the trolley car traffic jam,

… to the park!

I like running in a busy place. There are people walking their dogs …

… and kids playing *gasp* outdoors!

And lots of other people running and biking and …

… are those rollerskates?

I like running on the little side paths.

The Walk to End Alzheimer’s was this morning – a noble cause I’m sure, although it meant waiting in line for the ladies restroom.

Here’s a more peaceful scene. The ducks and wading birds love the park lagoon. Those are whistling ducks and, yes, they whistle … a lot.

That’s an anhinga, spreading its wings in the sun.

Aw, priteee! It’s not quite The Shire, but it’ll do.

There’s a four-piece band playing as we head out of the park, but the second line hasn’t formed yet.

Now we’re headed back home, past the ’shroom …

… and the college gates …

… and the neighborhood cemetery. Mmm, smell that rosemary?

Past the oak trees …

… and the neighbors’ porches.

Back home …

… where someone baked biscuits while I was gone!

Now that the running is done, I can settle down to what is really important … providing a warm comfortable perch for the Tribble. Here’s wishing you a fun morning run, and warmth and happiness on your return home.

Note from Elizabeth: Got a favorite route YOU’D like to share with us? Next time you go for a run, snap a few pics and email them to me and I will post them on Elizathon. Email me at elizathon [at] gmail [dot] com.

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