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Guess I'm gonna tri

Posted Jun 12 2013 5:02am
Quick running update: it's happening, slowly but surely, but I'm running again. Now, to the real news.

It's funny how life works. My mom says that sometimes you have to be forced to your own luck. I'm not sure that translates too well, but it basically means that some people need a lil' extra help getting where they need to be, whether they know it or not. I seem to have just gotten that extra 'help' [read: shove].

After last year's duathlon adventure, I have been toying with the idea of going for a triathlon. Having read Chrissie Wellington's autobiography , I was even more convinced that I wanted to and ever more sure that I might just be setting myself up for failure.

We all know that I'm not a fast runner. And although I cycle a lot, I'm not exactly an experienced racer on my bike. Then there's swimming. Unlike many aspiring tri-athletes, I don't have a fear of open water. I can swim, although it's neither pretty nor fast. Also, I can't actually swim freestyle, so it's breast-stroke all the way for me. Maybe that's why I'm not terrified of the idea of open-water swimming as I tend to just paddle along, minding my own business, with my head bopping along above the water.

A couple of months ago G and I even went to the launch meeting of the Brighton Tri Club with a view of perhaps joining it. But instead of feeling motivated and excited, I left feeling intimidated, slow and unfit. So that was that.  

Then I got a call from the Chobani lot. Yup, the delicious yogurt people (it's the yogurt that's delish, I haven't tried the people yet). 

Would I be interested in doing the Jensen Button Trust Triathlon

First I thought, hell no... then I thought, if not now, then when?

The race consists of a 300m lake swim, a 9km bike ride and a 2.5km run. 

Unless I drown during the first leg or get stuck in my wetsuit during the first transition, I should be ok for legs 2 and 3. I hope.

So that's my news. I'll be doing my first triathlon in 4 1/2 weeks, so I'd better get training... Stay tuned for more updates. 

Now, where's that swimsuit of mine??

Seasoned triathletes, I need your HELP! Please, send me all your tips, advice and admonitions about preparing for this in just over four weeks. I'm particularly worried about getting in and out of a wetsuit. Please comment, tweet or email me on jens.itchy.feet[at] THANK YOU!!! 
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