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Grocery Day is the Best!

Posted May 03 2013 9:40pm
Grocery shopping makes me more happy than it should make any normal person.

Ryan and I went for a quick trip the other day... So of course we were there for over an hour and were still checking out when the store closed. Oops!

We've been so busy lately that we haven't really done a good grocery order. I'm OBSESSED with grocery shopping, and especially the natural foods section. I think Boy was bored out of his tree while I spend 25 minutes poring over every item, bag and jar in the aisle, and he almost hit the roof at the register when the prices rang up for all my weird nut butters, coconut oil and nutritional yeast. That #ish is expensive!

I had the luckiest week last week. I am one of those people who NEVER wins things. Ever. But last week was evening out the score, I figure.

I won not one. but two blog giveaways (!!) I won a sweet pair of Mizuno compression sleeves from The Athletarian , and a pair of Powersocks from Running With Spatulas !! Both items arrived last week and I'm really liking both.

As Boy and I were leaving the grocery store, I found a $10 bill on the ground - another thing that never happens to me!

Then after a super stressful day at work earlier that same day, I decided that only shoes were going to make me feel better, so I went shoe shopping. I found these super cute shoes - and turns out they were the last pair so they were on crazy sale for $25!! YES!! Haha I didn't actually win those, but cheap shoes = win in my books :)

Are you a lucky person/ do you win things often?
- I would say no but I don't know if it's true anymore! I went for a long time never EVER winning anything, but I've been pretty lucky in blog giveaways this past year!

What's the coolest/ weirdest thing you've found while running?
- I don't even know! My head is usually so far off in the clouds when I run, I'm off in my own world and don't really notice much!

Do you do your long run (if you do one!) on Saturday or on Sunday?
- Usually I do mine on Sundays, but I am starting to build up my Saturday long runs soon so that I will be doing long runs both days, in preparation for the ultra marathon that is coming up all too fast!

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