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Grandma Lil's Virtual Run 5k Recap and a Tiny Little Rant

Posted Feb 11 2013 3:06pm
I participated in a virtual run today in retrospect.  I had meant actually to do some 1200 intervals but I just had no mojo gojo juice flowing in me today.  UGH oh rama.  I hate that feeling.  Might have something to do with my husband really liking doing HIIT workouts with me and doing them the last three days in a row and a long run and an elliptical workout = tired legs for me!

I did a 1.25 mile warm up and then did my first 1200 and didn't felt it went too bad at a 7:19 pace but when I was done with it I felt wiped.  Done.  I started on the second and could hardly muster anything under 8.. so I called it at 800 meters and ran slowly until I hit a total of three miles.  At that point it was a little over three miles back to my starting point so I decided to run a progressive 5k back and just see how I felt.

The farther I ran the better I felt and I ended up doing it in 24:12.  I am pretty happy with that given how I felt at the start of my whole run. 

I came home and saw something about a virtual 5k for Grandma Lil HERE .  I did it last year and won some ZipFizz.  (I love winning prizes...who doesn't!)  so I decided to dedicate my impromptu 5k to Grandma Lil's virtual one.  Did you sign up?  You have until Feb 21st I think, so plenty of time... or don't..better chances of me gettting a prize that way.  MUahahahaha!

It was a cold one this morning at 10 degrees when I left the house.  Luckily the sun was shining and the wind wasn't too bad.  I, of course, over bundled because I dread being cold so bad and I had a serious lack of motivation.  I don't think it would have taken much to side track me from my run this morning.

Anyone watch the Grammy's last night.  Count me out, I am glad it finally happened so that I can quit seeing Grammy news everywhere I go.  I could really care less about all that.  Sure some of the music is great and fun and yay, but I think those people are way over celebrisized. I could really care less who wore what and did you see so and so's hair?! WFC?!   Okay rant done. See, I told you it was tiny.

I made baked eggplant chips with a pesto last night and found a new favorite way to eat eggplant. My husband loved it too.  You can find the recipe here.   The pesto was even home made from spinach cilantro, garlic and olive oil.  It was the first time I have ever made pesto, but I doubt the last. It was so good!

What about you? 
What do you do when your mojo gojo juice is not flowing on a run?
Grammy watcher or not? 
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