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Good shoes

Posted by Lara I.

I realize that part of the answer to my own question about jogging safely is good shoes. I admit that I skimp seriously on this...I think mine are from Payless and cost less than 10 bucks. What do I need to look for in a good pair of exercise shoes? Keep in mind, I don't want to spend a fortune...
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Nike Shox. I hurt my foot last year, and my PT recommended a shoe with good shock absorbtion. I've had good luck with Nike Shox. They have a very unique look to them-some people may not like them for everyday wear-but they've been good to me at the gym. They are a little pricey, but I've never paid more than $100 for a pair. Plus, if you buy a style that's been out for a while, the prices drop considerably from what I've seen.
Payless Actually Has Decent Shoes. Payless gets a bad rap sometimes but they actually do have decent shoes. They have Champion brand sneakers and many of their shoes do have good cushioning, etc. (I have found sometimes the shoes in their men's section are even better when it comes to comfort and padding.) If those aren't good enough and you still want to save money, check out a store like Ross, which often has brand sneakers on sale. I just got a cute pair of K-Swiss tennis shoes at Ross and they were only $25. (Just call me the Queen of Shoe Bargains.)
New Balance. Personally, I love all New Balance shoes but the 754 ones are great for cushioning and support, and allow you a wide range of motion too. They're also fairly inexpensive in comparison to your typical Nike or Reebok pair. I'm pretty certain you can get a pair under $50.
Asics. I ran cross country in highschool and the most widely used brand within the team were Asics (our coaches used them too!). I paid $60 for mine which isn't that bad for the quality you get. Some of their styles have different toe shapes.. some are more pointy, and others offer more wiggle room for wide-set toes (flipper feet like mine, haha). The most important thing is really trying on the shoes and seeing which ones are comfortable because everyone's feet are different. A pair of cheaper shoes that fit your feet better I imagine would overall be more supportive than expensive shoes that don't contour and support your feet. Ross is definitely a good place to try if you want name brand and cheap price. Good luck on finding that pair!
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