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good bye 2009, hello 2010

Posted Dec 31 2009 12:00am

When the clock strikes midnight tonight it will be the end of another day, another year, another decade. Time, I don’t know if I am ready for it to be the end of another year already? 2009, you were good to me. I toasted your emergence with old high school friends in Ann Arbor, but it was only a matter of days before I boarded my plane with my one-way first-class ticket (oh the work paid for good life) to LGA to start my new job in a bank in New York City, the place of my first home on Earth. January, February, March, you passed by in a whirl of work, sometimes going to classes with snazzy sounding names at the fancy gym I secretly despised, going out and attending various events. But this was what I wanted, right? I grew bored and restless by it all; feeling more as if I were being pulled by a current of what I was supposed to do that had no perceptible end in sight. Ironically, when I might have had the most doors open for me in some ways, the pure freedom and joy of experiencing things and traveling seemed to have been slammed in my face. So I began my search for a peak experience that could be done within the confines of my life. That March I basically decided I would run the NYC Marathon in March if it killed me. My former roommate basically told me it would.

I decided to do the marathon with Team for Kids because I did not think I could do it on my own and I am so glad I did. For my first marathon, I cannot imagine doing it any other way. There is something comforting about embarking into a journey into the unknown with a group of people, even if everyone else in the group seemed to have at least some running experience. In June we started training. What was I thinking? In the beginning it was hard. Hard. Hard. Hard. Anyone who tells you it is easy going from not running to jumping into training for a marathon is lying. But the coaches and my teammates were great and it got easier and somewhere along the way I ended up falling in love with running. I am not sure exactly how to describe why. I have meant to make a posting about why I run but there are so many dimensions to it and when I start to think how exactly to articulate it all I feel that it is impossible to convey in words what I need to say. Sure there are parts that can be easily stated, but that does not give a complete picture of all the intangibles that are oh so very important and make each run a peak experience on its own. Maybe someday I will be able to describe it. In November I ran the New York City Marathon. In December I ran the Las Vegas Marathon. In January I will run the Phoenix Marathon. January! That is 2010…you are already sneaking up on me! 2009, thank you for all the great times we have had together, but see now I am ready for more! Farewell, adieu! Phoenix, spreadsheet with 48 remaining states, new adventures, old friends, new friends…I’m ready! Nothing can stop me now that the best roommate ever just surprised me with a blue Snuggie for Christmas. 1.1.2010. New day. New Year. New Decade. New Era? Bring it on!

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