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Going and Coming

Posted Feb 01 2010 12:00am
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Today was a marathon training day.   14 miles in 2:12 

It was a crazy New England winter day.  We started with blue sky and sun, turned to clouds, some snow, then sun again then more flurries.  I was thrilled to make it to the last mile before I encountered the first of the flurries.  It really has been like this all week but most of the week we had more rain than snow so when I started out this morning at 7 am I discovered quickly that the streets were a little slick so I took it easy for the first few miles. 

Deciding on an out and back route today I ran out 7 miles, turned and ran back the same 7 miles so I caught my footprints on the crusty layer of snow going out and coming back.

Overall a good run.  March 21st will be my 1st of 4 Half  Marathons and despite the twinge of pain in the right knee I feel positive with a little chiropractic attention I will be just fine.

Since Eating Clean for the past 3 months I have been looking for products to use on longer training runs that have pure whole food ingredients.  Today I used Vega Sport Natural Plant-Based Performance Optimizer for the first time.  I drank a cup before the run and was surprised by the smooth refreshing taste.  It has a light texture and mixes well for ease of use.  I experience zero stomach distress and was pleased with the results.  The directions state for longer workouts you may drink more during exercise however I decided to stick with my favorite Coconut Water for hydration during the run and followed up with another cup of Vega Sport Lemon Lime immediately after the run.  I look forward to using the product in the future. 

I rounded off the day by going to the movies with my Hubby.  Funny thing is I realized that this was the first time in many years that I have actually gone to the movies.  The last movie I saw in a theater was Spirit of the Marathon.  Netflix is just so convenient and let’s be honest, cheaper!  Any way today we decided to go see Shutter Island.  Of course I will not spoil the story for those of you who have not seen it yet but I will say I enjoyed the plot and was pleased with  the twists and turns.


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