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Getting What You Deserve

Posted Sep 16 2012 5:14pm

If you put in mediocre training you get mediocre results.  Today I ran the Surftown Half Marathon in beautiful Westerly, RI.  The start finish line was at Misquamicut Beach which is a very quaint beach community with all the little shops, hotels and food shacks that you can imagine.

It was an hour and half drive so I was up at 4 am and out the door by 5 to pick up my race packet at 6:30 am.  I was greeted by a very chilly 44 degrees but by gun time I was very comfortable with my shorts and short sleeve outfit.  The race description of the course was fast and flat.  Flat?  Really?  Not that any of the hills were terribly intense except maybe the one at mile 10 in Watch Hill but even then it was at least short despite being the most steep.

My “training” was based only on what I felt like running on any given day.  I did not follow any structured schedule and with the added days of all the summer humidity I know my training suffered.  I can not be upset with my finish time of 2:02.  I can not be surprised at the struggle.  I got what I put in.  What I can be thrilled about is that I ran the entire race and I can also be thrilled that my new properly sized footwear made a unmistakable difference.

The most beautiful and surprising sight was the multitude of butterflies surrounding us around mile 2 and then again on our way back in the same area from the monarch butterfly refuge that occurs in the autumn.  I like to think of butterflies as symbols for second chances.  Looking at them from their humble starting point to blossoming into a new life.  I wish I could have captured a photo of them it was so amazing.

At the 10 mile hill was another amazing sight, The Ocean House.   The vast beautiful venue had me intrigued enough to Google the location and I so want to stay here some day.  It looks like a luxurious place to vacation that’s not only a romantic setting, but includes fitness and spa treatments.  Now that is what I call a perfect vacation.

( Source photos )

hotel_002 hotel_011

accommodations_005 events_004

I will take away the wonderful experience and sights of today’s race and use them as the foundation to build on for my upcoming half marathon on Saturday in Falmouth.

DSCF0391 DSCF0387

DSCF0380 DSCF0382

DSCF0388 DSCF0383

DSCF0390 shirt DSCF0385

 running by faith,
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