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Getting the Best Out of Your Workout: Preparation

Posted Aug 21 2013 12:12pm

There are plenty of ways to get to the gym and workout, but getting in a good workout is another story. Far too many times, I’m sure you seem the same people, day after day, just going through the motions. While their body is still benefiting from the calorie burn of exercise, they aren’t getting the maximum benefits they could be. Here are a few tips on ways to come to the gym prepared to really get the best of your workout.

Yep, surprisingly, many people come to workout with no real goal in mind. They don’t know what they are going to accomplish, and then don’t really know what they did last time either. Do a little research and bring some exercises with you to complete. You can keep track of your progress.

Workout Collage

Regardless if you are trying to lose weight, bulk up, or just maintain, it is imperative that you eat before working out. Just like the gas tank in your car, if your body is on empty, you aren’t going to get very far. You could feel light-headed, nauseous, or even a bit faint. Grab a quick snack an hour or so before heading to workout. PB&J is always my go to, but just figure out what works for you. There are plenty of options to help you power through your workout.

Race Snacks


(less oreos, more bananas ;)

For a lot of us, just getting to the gym is a feat in itself. Schedule time to meet a friend to workout with. It’s a good way to get motivated, and to learn different exercises you may not have thought of yourself. Just be sure to figure out before hand who is in charge of coming up with the workout (see #1).

Treat your workout like any other appointment or commitment you make. Put it in your calendar, so you are more likely to stick to it. I look at my calendar pretty frequently, and it really helps for me to see what I have coming up, and how I am going to fit in my workouts. You put your happy hour with friend in there, so why not put in that sweat session?

Yes, I still have a paper calendar :)

Yes, I still have a paper calendar :)

Whether you are an early morning riser or a post workday exercise fanatic, have your clothes ready to go. Having everything out and ready makes you that much less likely to skip out on the workout. Plus, when you see your tank and shorts just staring at, aren’t you going to want to throw them on and head to the gym?! ;)

What are some tips you have to get the best workout possible?




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