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Getting Help

Posted Dec 03 2008 12:16am
Well it seems that just as I get in to a groove with my running I end up with some kind of injury.
So I contacted a " Running Coach ". The bad news is that he taking a break from coaching but the good news that he is happy to answer a few questions that I have.
What I like about Dave is that he gets right to the point and as the old saying is he doesn't beat around the bush. From the info that I gave him and the info on this blog.
This is what he came up with1. "Unless you're a somewhat gifted runner, your 8:00 to 8:30 pace sounds a little too fast."
2. "You need to be training at 55-60% of your max - i.e. the 10:00 pace I suggested for you.
And as we all know that I am gifted but not at running.

So I have to slow down. Well it will be hard to do but I will try. I mean doing things slow is not my nature.
I did a little over a 5k run on Thursday and todayAverage pace about 9:00 pace.
Heart rate in the low to mid 70%
Hay Dave I can't wait until you are back at coachng again.
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