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Getting fit with Gaiam TV Fitness Videos

Posted Sep 09 2012 8:00am

You may have read that I quit my gym ! I haven’t been going and I know that I can stay fit while working out at home. I was in the process of researching my options for yoga videos when I was approached to take a look at to do a sponsored post. I thought this was perfect timing and just pretty cool that they wanted to sponsor a post on my blog!

[Disclaimer: GaiamTV sponsored this post BUT the opinions are all my own.]

I have been approached by some other services to do sponsored posts but haven’t felt like it was a good fit. I felt differently about Gaiam TV because this is a service that really could potentially be a great fit for me and I legitimately wanted to try it. So as soon as Gaiam TV contacted me, I went to their site to check out what it was like.

After some noodling around on the site, I found out that Gaiam TV is like Netflix for fitness freaks. It is a hub for yoga, cardio training , health and wellness issues with over 2,000 videos with well known trainers. I was especially excited to see the Jillian Micheal’s fitness videos were available-I already tried her Ripped in 30 DVD on the site and am going to try a few more. Instead of paying $10 for one DVDs, I can pay $9.95/month and watch whatever videos I want whenever I want while being exposed to some other great trainers that I may have never otherwise checked out.

Gaiam TV’s streaming fitness videos can be accessed from my iPad, phone (no app needed) or laptop. When I travel for work or leisure, I don’t have to worry about having access to wifi or lugging my laptop around-I can just use my phone whenever I want in a user-friendly way.  Here’s a shot of the site from my iPhone:

They have a “Most Popular” section that I can see what other people have been interested in or look at the user ratings/reviews to get an idea of what others think before doing the workout.  There are some other great features on the site-like the ability to make a playlist of videos. When I see a video I want to watch but don’t have time at that moment, I add it to my list.

But the feature that is probably most helpful for me is to be able to search by either level, style, teacher, time, or if it is a special collection.  I can use this feature to stalk Jillian Michaels or to do narrow down my workout by style.  I’m partial to Vinyasa flow yoga, so this search feature combined with the mini preview feature helps me figure out what instructors to try.  The yoga instructors that are extremely spiritual are not really my style. I respect them, but I just respond better to other types of instructors at this point in my practice. If you are more interested in the spirituality exploration, there is a spirituality and a metaphysic section that you should check out because you might really like it!

But my interest is more with Gaiam TV’s yoga, pilates and other fitness videos such as the their Fall Fitness challenge with suggested videos for fat burning. I think having these mini challenges are great (helloooo-I have my 30 day yoga challenge !) for getting the ball rolling on making something a habit. They have a few other fitness video series that I want to try out this week so keep your eyes peeled for my reviews of them!

I’m not sure if I am going to commit yet, but that is why I am glad I have my free trial period. If you need a way to workout at home for cheap and get into a good habit, try it with me too for free! We can suggest some fitness videos to try or ones maybe avoid!

Sign up for a free 10 day trial here and you can get a free yoga mat if you are one of the first 25 people! And you can cancel at any point! But if you decided to continue, it’s only $9.95 a month. That’s pretty good compared to my $70+ gym memberships!


Do you like to use fitness videos at home?

It has become one of my new fave things to do! I need a way to get new workout ideas since I don’t have the gym to go to!

Do you use a lot of free trials for services?

Heck yes! I need to weigh my options!

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