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Get Out the Vote! Vibram FiveFingers Spyridon LS Finalists

Posted Apr 12 2012 12:00am

You know what we haven’t done for a while? An audience participation post! Which is a shame, because I have to say that my audience is pretty darn awesome.

Case in point is today’s contest, with a new pair of Vibram FiveFingers Spyridon LS on the line. I put out the call for photo entries featuring barefoot or Vibram-shod adventurers, figuring I could pick three or five standouts as finalists before turning it over to the voters. The problem, predictably, is that I couldn’t narrow the options down to just five – and since I also happen to be the one who makes the rules around here, I figured that there was no reason why I couldn’t expand the field just a bit. As in, more than 100%.

So here are your 10 finalists, plus one more bonus picture that I can’t honestly determine whether or not it’s a legitimate entry. (You’ll understand once you get there.) The rules are simple: vote in the comments section below for your favorite – one vote per commenter – and the one with the highest number of votes by Saturday at 12PM PST wins the Vibrams. If you’re a contestant, it’s definitely fair game to recruit your family, friends, and fellow Starbucks free Wi-fi patrons to vote for you, just as long as they all have a different username.

Good luck to everyone. Here we go!

Entrant #1: Chris S.

Sure, it looks like your run-of-the-mill ocean vista shot, but here’s the cool part: That ocean in the distance is the confluence of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans above Cape Town, South Africa.

Entrant #2: Chris M.

Another entry from the “exotic locales I’ll probably never see” category: this one comes from Ile Renote in northwest France, with the Château de Costaérès in the background. Tres belle.

Entrant #3: Dave

I’m partial to this one, because it’s taken above the Big Sur coastline, and I happen to know the guy who submitted it – as in, in real life. I know ... weird, huh?

Entrant #4: Rodger

This one seemed compelling for no other reason than Rodger is running across what can only be described as an enormous butt. So in the space of two entries, we’ve gone from chateaus to rear ends; have I mentioned how interesting my readers are?

Entrant #5: Sean

Back to the exotic: Apparently this is someplace called Sud Tirol in Italy. It suddenly occurs to me that I’ve seen remarkably little of the world; this contest is starting to bum me out.

Entrant #6: Dylan

Kind of a cool repose, above a cliff-jumping spot called Tar Creek in Fillmore, CA. I suspect Dylan might be friends with the next entrant …

Entrant #7: Cody

… who is also perched on a high precipice (next to a waterfall, no less) above the very same Tar Creek.

Entrant #8: Jen

Hey - where are all the female entrants? Sadly, I only received a few from the ladies, but this was one of the coolest, with Jen getting her barefoot yoga on at the top of a mountain. Extra points for the hat, too.

Entrant #9: Jeff

The Manitou Springs Incline is legendary among Colorado trail runners. This is the view about halfway up. Sheesh. Extra points to Jeff here for getting the photographer to wear Vibrams, too.

Entrant #10: Orlin

I had to include one snow entry just to remind myself how much I don’t like winter. Plus, there’s a dog, and some famous Philadelphia thing in the background, so there you go.

Speaking of dogs, it’s time for our bonus entrant, who I believe goes by the name of Harry

I’m not sure the FiveFingers would fit him, but perhaps his owner would like a pair.

And there you have it – now it’s time to vote! Remember, one vote per commenter, but feel free to campaign as much as you like to stuff the ballot. The winner will be announced on Saturday afternoon. Thanks very much to everyone who entered, and good luck to all the finalists!

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