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German Belly

Posted by Lis S.

As long as I can remember, I have hated running. Even in elementary school gym class when we had to run laps around the track I would "miscount" to get out of having to run the required number of laps. Several times in my adult life I've tried running, always rediscovering my unwaivering, intense dislike for it. But it's such a perfect sport in so many ways. You don't need any equipment, you can do it anywhere, and it's free (except for the shoes). So, after a few months of living in Germany eating fresh rolls for breakfast, schnitzel and other yummy, fried specialties of the region, and otherwise ignoring my usual healthy diet, something had to be done. We live in the middle of nowhere with no access to a gym. I sat down at the computer and Googled "Beginning Runners" and came up with some tips for how to start (like this site, for example: . Intervals of 90 seconds of walking, 60 seconds of running for 20 minutes. That sounds doable.
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