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Gene therapy can increase life expectancy

Posted Feb 14 2012 8:53pm

When I’m not joggling (and even when I am) I frequently think of ways to increase the length of time that I’m going to live. Ideally, I will live forever. 2002 years would be nice but I’ll be ecstatic if I can make my goal of 107 years. 

So, whenever I see scientific articles about living to an old age I take notice. That’s why I found this article interesting. It discusses one research that demonstrates how increasing your level of activity increases your happiness and longevity.

The researchers used gene therapy to improve how well older mice performed on treadmill exercises. Essentially, they injected mice with a mitochondrial targeted gene that made them perform as well as mice half their age.

The cool thing is that theoretically, this same approach can be used with humans. It’s a long way off but in twenty years when I’m pushing my early 60′s, perhaps it will be ready. And I’ll certainly be willing to try.

Of course, I’ve thought about living forever and it may be a bit grim. Everyone I know will have died and I’m not terribly good at making new friends. I better start getting better at that.

Joggle on.

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