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Gary: The Inhaler of Ice Cream

Posted Mar 26 2010 12:00am

Gary is well known for his ability to over fill everyone else’s bowl with ice cream. It gets pretty extreme – we avoid letting him scoop ice cream!

Well, this past weekend he got a bit of his own medicine! After running the Get Lucky 7K we met up with Mat and his girlfriend Chris. After lunch at Mesa Pizza we went to Annie’s Parlor for ice cream.

Their malts are enourmous. Huge, I tell you, just huge! Mat and Chris split one but Gary wanted a fudge sundae so I was on my own. You get the malt glass and the mixing can – I refilled my malt glass three times! But Gary’s fudge sundae was even bigger! He at the whole thing and in record time!

It came with about 6-7 balls of ice cream. Perfect balls of ice cream. It looked amazing. And then he got two things of hot fudge. The fudge (which I helped lick clean) was amazing.

I have to give Chris F. credit for the above photo – it was taken on my phone, but it turned out really cool! Apparently the massive pile of ice cream and fudge was pretty tastey!

He ate it all, in record time. I only made it through one refill of my malt! He proceeded to help me finish my malt too!

Needless to say ice cream (and other sweets) are a big reason why I run like I do….I have no desire to give up dessert, ever!

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