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Fundraising and Friends!

Posted Apr 01 2013 7:43pm
One last post about my Black Eyed Sally's fundraiser and my BIG surprise of the night! 

While talking to Alex about the placement of some of the raffle items, all of a sudden she got this huge/silly smile on her face and I said, "WHAT?".....and she just kept smiling--I'm not just talking about a little grin--I'm talking a really HUGE--I've just seen something amazing type of smile! I kept saying, "WHAT?" and then there was a tap on my back and someone said, "Excuse me--do you know if the food is any good here?" First of all--the person who was speaking had a REAL SOUTHERN DRAWL--something I don't hear everyday in CT--AND, this person sounded VERY familiar! I turned around and sure enough--it was my wonderful, amazing, (maybe slightly nuts?) friend Judy Ballew!! What's so amazing about THAT you ask? Well, I DID mention that accent, right? Judy lives in GEORGIA!! She and her wonderful husband, Owen had flown in from GA to surprise me!! NO one knew they were coming--they just SURPRISED everyone!! Talk about SHOCKED!!
I felt really bad that I couldn't spend a lot of time talking to them--being so busy with my hostessing duties, but I was SOOO happy to have them there! 

As a little background on our friendship--
Judy and I became friends when I moved to Mableton Georgia, from Atlanta with my Mom and sister when I was 12 years old. My Dad had just passed away and although I was NOT happy about moving to the suburbs after growing up in the city--I WAS pleased to find that there was a girl living next door who was the same age as me! Judy and I had some CRAZY adventures together as teenagers and I cherish the memories of each and every one of them!Judy and I in Florida--MANY years ago!!
Although we didn't see each other for years, due to living so far away from one another, when we DID have a reunion a few years back, it was just like we had never lost touch at all! We talked, we laughed, we reminisced, and just had a blast! Judy and I have spent time together in NYC where we had some fun adventures!! We even stalked an actor (John Leguizamo) John Leguizamo
and his family--not really MEANING to...we just happened to be going the same way they were, but it got really funny after awhile....his wife kept looking back nervously at us after a few blocks like we were dangerous stalkers or something!! 

We also ended up right smack in the middle of a movie being filmed (Man On A Ledge) and were mistaken for extras in the movie scene! Too bad we didn't get PAID for it!! 
Judy, Pam and Laurie!
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