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From the Vault: Coregasms?

Posted Feb 28 2013 8:00am

ABC News has a list of strange things that can happen to your body because of intense exercise. They include black toenails, migraines and anaphylaxis, but also “coregasms.” I’ll let them explain:

A phenomenon hotly debated on Internet message boards, many women claim to have orgasms while exercising, primarily during core muscle work, giving it the moniker “coregasm.”

Crunches, hanging leg raises and other moves that tense and relax muscles surrounding the pelvis and the pelvic floor muscles seem to be the best triggers for coregasms.

“Orgasm is a physiological response,” said Bean Robinson, associate director of the Program in Human Sexuality at the University of Minnesota Medical School. “We know some women who can have orgasms without any physical stimulation, just mental stimulation. … It makes perfect sense to me that someone could have an orgasm [while exercising.]”

In addition, the pleasure hormones — endorphin and dopamine — that are released during exercise may contribute to coregasms.

But the phenomenon may still be rare enough to render the medical community skeptical. Few men have come forward with the same experience.

“I don’t know of any science that supports that,” said Dr. Ann Hoch, associate professor and director of the Women’s Sports Medicine Program at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Hey, whatever works, but people already have unrealistic expectations about the benefit of crunches, and this will just add to it. Also, the line between sex and exercise is becoming increasingly blurred .

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