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Friggin' Freezing Running

Posted Dec 06 2012 7:32am
I just have to tell you about the most glacial running club session I've EVER experienced (or run in general, for that matter). 

Last night it was freezing. Probably around 1 or 2 degrees outside (yes, I know for you Canadian runners that's still spring weather, but we live on an island where temps rarely get extreme). I mean it was friggin' cold. But I was determined to head back out after getting home, so I kept busy by cleaning and sorting laundry (I just can't sit down, that's the key!), put my kit on right away and was eventually ready to head out to meet the Betties at 'the lamppost' for 6:40.

Wow. It was FREEZING. Have I said that yet? I pretty much went for the same outfit I sported on Sunday, but, as I'd gotten so hot, I replaced my thermal Helly Hansen top with just a regular Nike tech short-sleeved T-shirt. Big mistake!

Procrastinating just a little longer before heading outside...

I posted that pic on Twitter just before leaving and got some Qs about the jacket. It's Saucony and I believe it's this one but mine's from last year. Love it.

Alan was going to make us do 1-minute intervals but because we had to go 'round a corner that was conveniently dotted by icy puddles, we just ended up doing 200-m sprints. The first set was 8 x 200m sprints with maybe 30 seconds rest in between. For the second set he divided us into groups of three and we did a relay race. The same distance x 4.

I don't know how, but for once in my life I got lucky and ended up with two of the fastest girls in the group, i.e. for the first time in my entire running life I found out what it was like to come first, ha (no thanks due to my effort, though, it was Jo and Rowan who did all the hard work).

I think most of us were frozen stiff by the time we left, despite our hard efforts. Running, when it's that cold outside, hurts. It really does. My feet and legs were actually nice and warm thanks to my Nike thermal leggings and SmartWool socks. My upper body, however, was suffering. That poxy tee was not enough under the jacket and I'll have to upgrade my Gore running gloves to some proper thermal ones as well. Couldn't feel my fingers for ages afterwards. The Lululemon headband did it's job though, so hooray for that.

Now just to give you an idea of how cold it really was and how hard I worked, check out these Garmin splits:

Best Pace
Summary 36:34.0 4.11 4:41

Yup, that's correct. My fastest pace was just around 5mm, that was when I was running hard and pushing myself. Hells yes for me. But, as you can see, the mile out there and back home were ridiculously slow. That might have had something to do with dodging icy patches on the sidewalks and generally struggling with the cold, cold weather (bursting lungs, anyone?).  There's something about just not being able to get going in the cold....

As ever, though, I may have suffered during that sesh, but did I feel smug and proud for having braved the elements and gone out anyways. Goldstar for me! 

What was your coldest run ever? How did you cope?

Do you have any favorite pieces of kit you wear in this kind of weather? 

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