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Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Posted May 31 2009 10:52pm
A quick rundown on the weekend....have to start on Friday. I drug myself out of bed EARLY (read that 5:00 am) to go to the health zone to do a spin class. 45 minutes of HELL, pedaling faster than should be legal, except for the times when we were supposed to crank up the resistance, stand up, and MASH. I was in the back of the class, so I had the luxury of occasionally cheating just a little. During the times that we were supposed to hover just an inch off the seat, I am pretty sure I did a fair acting job. Slacking off a tad on the resistance also was also pretty easy to do, but I bet a dozen donuts that the instructor sees and knows all those tricks. Still, it was a good workout and my legs were wobbly after that.

Friday night, I agreed to do a 5K where the proceeds went to St Francis Hospital to benefit kidney research. Dana had a "great" idea to RIDE to the race, and then ride home. Hmmm. A year ago, she would have NEVER agreed to something like that. So, we rode 9 miles to the start line, hung around, chatted with friends, even drank a half a bad beer....all before the race. The 5K was a slow easy jog for me....I have no biz-ness running 5Ks with my PF acting out at times. I ran with a friend who wanted to take a couple of minutes off her time, and we enjoyed an easy run. (Proud of ya, Terrie!)

Our ride home was a little scary, since I thought the paved bike trail was lit most of the way (it was not) and the half moon was far enough west that against the east side of the Turkey Mountain bluffs, it was pitch black. But, we made it home and it was a good adventure.

Saturday morning, the alarm went off at 6:30....just enough time for me to meet my road running friends for our Saturday morning run, and I hit snooze, or at least I thought I did. Two hours later, I saw that I had missed my run by over 90 minutes! Figured I would catch some ribbing for it, and I did, but I still headed out to meet my friends for breakfast at IHOP.

Then, the rest of the A+ day was spent with Dana garage sale-ing. Nothing like spending 35 bucks for some crap that we'll sell in a garage sale someday!! Spent Saturday night at the movies....see post below.

Sunday, I actually rolled out in time to run with a big crowd of trail runners. We broke off into sub groups which was good since half of the group was frothing at the mouth waning to run sub 7s or some ungodly pace. I needed to run how I felt (slow), and Brian, Kathy, and Lisa hung with me (thanks) and we made around 5 miles. Love the Oklahoma Rock!

Dana and I had planned on riding around 15 miles, and eating lunch along the way at Tin Star, but Sandra had other plans for us. She called to remind us that the Tulsa Tough Townie ride was at 1:00 and we had just enough time to sign up and ride and we would get a shirt and a finishers medal for the low low low price of $20 each! (woo hoo) The Townie was an 8 mile ride in which all ages and abilities were welcome, through a lot of the nicer older historic areas of Tulsa. The streets were closed and the ride was very well organized. Turned out to be a cotton T-shirt, and a very modest dog-tag medal. But the ride was a lot of fun and over 1000 peeps rode. More eating, some beer, yada yada yada.

Finally, I made it over to Chandler park to finish measuring the course for the TATUR Estim8ur. This is a race of 8 or 4 miles depending on how much you wanna bite off. Runners will be stripped of all timing devices, and they have to predict their finishing times. Every runner will have their predicted times posted on their backs so other runners can look and guess if they are ahead or behind where they should be in relation to their own estimated time. This is a race that anyone can win. We make it a little more difficult by keeping the course a mystery. There will be no real clues in this post, other than to say that you will see several different running surfaces. (For the right money, I might be swayed to divulge a few details of the course though. TZ needs some new shoes!)

Well, that work is done, and I am here blogging, and I keep hearing a noise in my attic. I am thinking raccoons? Possums? Something big for sure. More on this later, I hope.
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