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Friday Randoms - Living Like a Runner

Posted Jan 13 2012 4:39am
"As we start 2012, let's remember that the ability to run fast does not come exclusively from your running workouts. If you want to be the best runner you can be, you have to commit to paying attention to all aspects of your lifestyle and make sure that you're eating properly, getting sufficient rest, doing your stretching and strengthening work, and of course, staying well hydrated. If you neglect those important non-running elements of your training, you are very likely going to be very disappointed with your race results." - Coach George via the CAR newsletter

Last week began the New Year and the need to get back into the mindset of training.  The week started off a little wicked, but I was determined to get back into it.  By Friday my body seemed to click into the groove and presented me with the fastest tempo run since Sept.  My long run on Sunday didn't skip a beat either, it was a perfect progression run. I somehow walked away from the week with peak training mileage.  Whoops. This week wasn't quite as easy going as last week.  I went to our hill workout on Tuesday and my super duper, bright as the sun headlamp was dim.  I spent half the workout running slow as to avoid the ruts in the road before deciding to screw it and go home to get my mileage there, without the worry of speed work.  I was angry with myself as I wanted to re-charge it but was given misdirection that it was still bright and I would ruin the battery by charging it prior to it dying out.  The good news is my headlamp is now fully charged.  So Peeps - expect an interrogation the next time I see you. Pool Running ! I figured out yesterday that I can fit in a 2 hour pool run (instead of a 90 minute one) on Wed and still have time to lift weights.   I also managed to throw in some mimic 400's to make up for my shoddy hill workout the previous day.  It seemed awesome at the time, but then I wound up working what seemed to be the longest day ever  (it really wasn't, it just seemed that way).  We'll see if I adjust positively to 2 hour pool runs or need to switch it back to 90 minutes.  For the most part I plan on following last summers routine (but really doing the yoga part) and hoping for similar results. YOGA!  I've done yoga the last 2 Fridays and it feels great.  When I took my week off from running and did hot yoga, I discovered that one of my clubs trainers was an instructor.  She told me she did a super-secret class at the club and that I could come.  I finally made it out and now am trying to make it a weekly ritual.  Last Friday was the first time I did yoga the same day as, not only a run, but a tempo run (and my fastest tempo since Sept - pay attention!).  It was much harder... As you may know, I like to get my protein in.  Besides Muscle Milk , Chicken, Skim Milk and Boca Burgers, I like to eat canned Albacore Tuna.  Last week I found a huge bone in my StarKist.  Gross. So, while at Costco I decided to try their brand (Kirkland) of Albacore Tuna.  No lie, it was the most delicious canned tuna I've ever, ever had.  Apparently, I'm not the first to discover this.  Here are the FDA guidelines on mercury in fish & shell fish for Women who might become pregnant, are pregnant, are nursing and young children .
  • I don't have any races coming up soon (that I plan to truly race), so I'm just focusing on going through all the motions as though I do and paying attention to all the things Coach G says.  Staying Hydrated.  Booze is for Holidays.  Eating right.  Not missing workouts.  Keeping my headlamp charged.  Progressive long runs.  Stretching after all runs.  Adequate sleep.
  • I made a last minute change on my NYE race and decided to run an earlier in the day 5k (Ringing in Hope) after finding out that Bull Run, once again, changed it's course map.  This time they wanted to run the first 1.5 miles on a gravel road (which is stupid, by the way, but possibly less stupid than taking us by the outdoor shooting range as in years past).  I wound up without a PR (holidays=high spirits=too many spirits), but I did wind up coming in 3rd overall.  Not a bad end to the racing year!
  • 2012 Reston New Years Day 5k.  I was there supporting my peeps and taking pictures.  I didn't snap the entire race, but a good portion.  Maybe I caught you?  Here is the link to them.  Post Race I was Congratulating Peeps like a MoFo.
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