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Friday Randomness

Posted Aug 16 2013 7:08am
Like I mentioned in my last post , things are a bit topsy-turvy in the TIF household, so please forgive my randomness. I may not have mentioned this, but G and I have had some major building work/DIY projects going on over the past five months and things are sort of nearing completion. 

Unfortunately in our case that's meant hitting rock bottom before things get pretty again and we've been dealing with a shower-less house for a week, water leaks, major delays and general incompetence (it's ok, I apologized to G afterwards). 

All of this combined with my rather random work schedule at the moment and the pretense of training for a marathon, well, like I said, it's all been a bit upside-down. But not wanting to leave you sans inspiring Friday post, this is what I got for ya.

Sunday was spent DIYing, which is not conducive to keeping a decent manicure going. Fact! At least we have a painted bathroom now, just no door yet. 

Monday I set out for a nice, long run, 12 miles to be precise which had to be cut short yet again after a measly 6 due to knee pain. I won't go into another rant but let it be said that I prepped for this run like no other and was pissed with the universe beyond belief.  

Tuesday I discovered these at my local grocery store:

They are called 'Goldfish' in the US. Now why in the world would anyone at Pepperidge Farm think that they'd have to re-brand and re-name them to make them more appealing to a UK audience is beyond me. I mean Finz? That's not even a friggin' word (or is it?). 
That's my flower basket. First one I've ever planted myself and, if I may say so, it's looking pretty lush and sweet. I'm not even sure whether those are the correct flowers to put into them, but it looks good to me.

Thanks to Coach Holly being sent two pairs of Reebok Nano's and me being around for when it happened, I'm now the proud owner of my very own lifting shoe.  

This week at CrossFit I didn't just smash out one, nay, but two new PBs. A 2-rep-max 70kg sumo deadlift and a 2-rep-max 50kg front squat! Must be the shoes... 

In other news, after three full months without a kitchen (we've been making do with a camping stove and George Foreman grill on top of a piece of discarded plywood, it's like a permanent campsite round here), I'm the proud owner of half a brand-spanking new kitchen again. I say half because I still won't have a stovetop or sink for another couple of weeks, but I have a microwave and an oven, which meant only one thing: the return of creamy chicken chilli. NOM!

Now I'm off to see Tiina (yes, two 'i', she's Finnish) for some acupuncture on my knee. Never done this before but as I'm at my wit's end and would really, really, really like to run Frankfurt with Team Rainbow, I've got nothing to lose, right?! Bring on the needles.

Have a fabulous weekend. 

Tell me something super random from your week. 
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