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Friday Night is Couch Night.

Posted Aug 19 2011 8:40pm

It’s Friday. Which means I am parked on my couch.

The couch.

My love for staying in and being useless on Fridays started circa 2007 when I trained for my first half.  Saturday morning training runs = couch time (AKA not happy hour time) on Friday night.   I’ve kept up the tradition this summer even though I’m not training.  Whatever, I’m lazy. Judge me, I dare you.  In my defense, I will be hitting up the gym in the AM ( Air and Water show = I will be staying as far away from the lake path as humanly possible) so I’m considering this my rest day. Ha.

During said rest day, I’ve eaten like a pig.

Beggar's Pizza = the best

I needed that pizza because this was me last night after winning the first two game in our softball league playoffs:

Boot'o'Beer. Don't worry Mom and Dad, I did not drink the whole thing.

Speaking of softball… we are not that good of a team.  We were prepared to lose the second game.  I don’t how we did it (it was prob all the Miller Lite we drank), but we beat the second team by 1 run.  I even had 2 RBIs… which is unheard of for me because I am probably the worst player in the entire city… and possibly the entire Midwest.

High fives for all!

Look at that speed. LOOK AT IT!

The weather was awesome here again today, so naturally I phlogged (photo-blog = phlog) a couple of pics “for the blog”.

I felt moved to phlog the flowers. I really love nature.

Hello, Sun Times Building!

In between being super productive, eating pizza, phlogging and being the world’s best employee, I signed up for the RAM Racing Hot Chocolate 15K ! Hooray!  I ran this race for the first time last year and feel in love. I adore running on the south side lake path!

Skyline view from the south side is TDF (to die for, duh).

Oh and the post race chocolate party isn’t bad either…

Chocolate fondue with some snakies

This year’s goodie bag jacket is pretty sweet too…

Love it.

I needed a race to get me motivated to get back out on the lake path and this one is it.  Since I’ve done practically zero running since the beginning of July, I’ve decided to train for the 9.3 miles by Hal Higdon’s Novice 15K plan . It looks so easy, but I’m sure it will find a way to kick my bum.

And now I will sign off. I need to decide what to order for dinner.  I do not feel like cooking and/or going to the grocery.  It’s my rest night, REMEMBER?

Have a good weekend, friends!

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