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Friday Morning Healthworks Vinyasa with Heidi

Posted Nov 10 2012 6:30am

I had a plethora of vacation days-I never know when I may need them so I just hoard them like a chipmunk hoards food before winter.  But if you don’t use them, you lose them!  I decided to use one this Friday to make it a long weekend!

I slept in late…which meant I slept in until 6:30 am.  Then I headed to the Back Bay Healthworks to get a morning yoga session in with Heidi.  She is my team’s personal trainer for the Workplace Warrior Challenge  and she is pretty awesome.  Heidi is so happy, encouraging, helps you modify your workout to your needs, and has a little ‘tude about her at the same time!  She’s pretty much a sweetheart that will kick your butt.  Plus I love her hair!  I wish mine could stay wavy once I curled it! :)

Heidi prefaced the class that she was going to start with a yin practice, include some core work, and then move into a more faster paced flow.  She also let us know we needed some accessories (I like to call them that instead of props)-a blanket, strap, two blocks, a gliding disk and a towel.

I really enjoyed learning how to get the most out of some of the poses with the help of these accessories.  Though my favorite pose didn’t require an accessory-we did a low lunge, twisted to the side, held on to our quad and then turned to face forward again.  I could feel my hips opening up like crazy!  I’ll have to share this move with you later so you can add it to your life.  I think it should be a move everyone should incorporate!

I loved this class because it ended up being the perfect mix for what my body wants and needs.  However, I now understand why when Aki attended this class last week she wished it were an hour and a half class instead of an hour.  I felt like my body got into the groove of the class and was ready to keep going but before I knew it-it was shavasana!  I wouldn’t change the sequencing of the class-just increase the duration.  The sequencing was great! So great that another woman had asked Heidi to write down the sequence for her to do at home!

Once I woke up from shavasana (yes-it was that good of a shavasana) and put away all my yoga accessories, I had some time to kill before my next adventure.  I hit the treadmill to get in 2 miles and then do some serious foam rolling.  My favorite foam rolling move has been to sitt on it and roll my butt!

I love this and it has become a new hobby for me!  I do need to roll out on my foot rubz ball too.  It gets into the muscles a little better.  I used a lacrosse ball to roll my muscles out when I was at the Reebok CrossFit Back Bay gym and it was like magic.

What’s up next?  Healthworks Body Pump tomorrow morning bright and early!


Do you ever have a workout that is so good that you want it to go longer?

Yes!  However, I also have some workouts that are so good that I wish it wouldn’t go longer!  Some of the tough conditioning workouts, like my group training session with Heidi , are so intense that I just look forward to the end!  But with most of my yoga classes, I wish I could be there forever!

What is your favorite foam rolling move?

I also am a huge fan of rolling out my IT band.  Or just my whole body.  When friends ask me how to use the foam roller, I just say, “Just roll your entire body all over it.”  I sometimes get weird looks, but they are used to strange things like that coming out of my mouth, so I think they just move on to “Where can I buy a foam roller?”

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