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Friday Happy Hour B-Tone session with Jody

Posted Feb 02 2013 7:29am

Last night I decided to forego the typical happy hour with drinks and went for the happy hour tone session with the fabulous owner of B-Tone Fitness  Jody.

BTone with Jody

This was kind of a last minute decision.  It has been a busy week at work and I really needed a class like the tone class to get an endorphin fix.  I had signed up on the waitlist Thursday night and before I went to bed found an email saying that I made the class!

I left work and arrived to the studio only to find that I had mistakenly thought the class was at 5:45 and it was really 5:25!  I felt absolutely TERRIBLE walking in late!  I luckily made it there at 5:30 so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.  I hustled to the changing room and was in a sweat before I even got on the machine.  I didn’t have time to get my bangs pinned back so I was thankful I had my Sparkly Soul headband to kind of keep my bangs in control.

The key to the tone workout is not to move fast but to move slow with intention and focusing on the muscle group being targeted.  As I am expanding my fitness resume from just running, I am realizing how so many of these other workouts really help me focus on my learning to control different muscles and be more aware of how my body is feeling.  This will be key for when I run that next marathon.  Runners often are known for ignoring how their body is feeling and running through pain they shouldn’t.  That MIGHT have been why I got injured…just maybe…

I have to say that my favorite moment in last night’s class was when we did the bridging move.  My hips felt a burn but not a bad burn!  It sounds so cheesy, but I could almost feel the strength flow through them.  It probably was because I get a workout high when I have a workout that I know is strengthening my hips and body to become that injury-free runner that I want to be.

During the class, I had some personal attention from Jody.  She came up and corrected my form so that I wouldn’t get injured and so that I could get the most out of my workout.  I always appreciate when the instructor actually cares about your form and being a teacher instead of just someone there ordering you around.  Jody also was sure to demonstrate the move if she noticed the group having some trouble getting it right.  In the midst of her teaching, she threw in her humor and fun spirit which is always an added bonus in any class.

As I grabbed my bags, Jody shouted, “I love your Blake Brody’s Jess!”  I said, “Great because I wanted to get a picture of them!!!”

Btone Jody and Jess Blake Brodys

I am so glad I got my happy hour ton session in with Jody and the other dedicated B-Tone-ing ladies.  B-Tone tone classes are only 45 minutes but I never leave the B-Tone “tone” classes thinking, “I needed more burn!” and this class didn’t disappoint!  I love my long runs and yoga sessions but sometimes you just want something quick so you can actually be social with your friends who aren’t workout freaks like you!

Next up at B-Tone for me is the SuperBowl Ryde class on Sunday!  I haven’t been to the Ryde classes before but it looks like so much fun as the bikes move unlike your typical spin bike.  I also have my first Tone ‘n Barre Blast class booked for next Friday morning with my friend Margaret.  This is good because I upped the anti on my from 3 workouts a week to 5 for next week!


Do you go for happy hour drinks or happy hour workouts?

With Dave studying for his exams and me being super busy at work-I have been trying to find time to hang out with Dave or to get a good workout in!

How are you spending your SuperBowl?

We like to enjoy some food and drink at parties for big events like this but this year are laying low.  Next week is the big week for Dave…he take part of his PhD exam!  I think after working over 4 years, he might want to be sure to relax and just mentally prepare for what is to come.  I have to be honest-I am excited that it we can see the light at the end of the tunnel!  I like how I said that like I was getting this PhD…


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