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Friday Funnies: Race Day Outtakes and Bloopers

Posted Sep 18 1970 12:00am
It's Friday, and time for a good laugh.  What's your fave race day outtake or blooper? 

I shared my 5K race experiences last weekend, but what I didn't share was what happened AFTER the race.....

After reading on several bloggie friends' posts that ice baths are a regular part of their training, and then finding myself swelling quickly after the 5K followed by four more training miles, I decided to bite the proverbial bullet and give it a try.  (I LOATHE cold, unless I'm having a hot flash!)  Hubby, being the awesome guy he is, trekked over to our local grocery store with me for two large bags of ice, and we headed toward home. 

As I was filling the tub and trying to wrap my brain around what I was about to do (It's good for you, Rob.  It'll reduce swelling.  It's what 'real' runners do.).....the phone rang.  My mom was calling for some techie advice (Hubby's a bit of a computer geek - in a good way), so I was left to my own devices.  (This is where it gets ridiculous!)

As the water began to fill the tub, I was rethinking this entire venture... What the heck am I doing??  Oh, yes, I remember... see the previous paragraph.  :)  Next, I dumped the large bags of ice in, stripped down, and proceeded to sit on the side of the tub... pondering, cursing, looking for the strength to do what I knew I needed to do....

One foot in...OMG!  Another foot in....OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!  TOO COLD, and OUT they came!  This went on for a few more minutes, with me eventually adjusting the water temp to a little warmer - "melt some of the ice, warm the water slightly" was my thought process.  All the while, I'm sitting safely on the side of the tub, feet on the floor. 

As the water warmed slightly, I decided to try again, with my hands placed precariously on either side of the tub: one foot in (still freezing cold, but NEED to do this), and just as I began to put the other foot in... SPLASH!!  I FELL into that FREEZING cold water like a giant truck splashing into a lake!  Friends, there are not enough OMGs to describe what I felt at that moment.  I'm not sure what numbed first - my body parts or my brain, but I remember realizing that there was a pause on the phone as Hubby was talking with Mom.  I learned later that he heard the splash, and figured, "Well, she'll work it out."  Aaahhh... that's my hubby - always having confidence in my resourcefulness.  :)

So I suffered through what was the most excruciating 10 minutes of my post-run, running life (so far); yep, that's all I could handle.  And with that, the hot water was turned on full-blast and I proceeded to soak in a lovely, WARM, bath for the next 20 minutes.  Yes!  Thank you, temperature gods!!!

It was a few minutes later that Hubby came in to check on me, saw the puddle of water on the bathroom floor (and a few remaining ice cubes.....damn them, mocking me!), and smiled as he asked so sweetly, "Everything okay in here?"

One step closer to no longer being a newbie, I suppose.....  :) 

So, what's your favorite race day outtake or blooper?  Do share! 

My Thankful Three
Today, I am thankful for

  • Warm baths

  • Hot showers

  • The willingness to laugh at all the stupid things that happen to me  :)

Happy running, friends... Have a great weekend.  I'm nursing another round of 'sick' and haven't run since Monday.  Complete bummer.  Planning a 5-miler for Sunday....

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