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Friday favorites/happy things

Posted Jan 18 2013 8:40pm
I've seen plenty of blogs do this, so I figured why not list some of my favorite/happy things as of late?

-The fact that I'm racing tomorrow.  

I know it may not be a PR, (heck I'm planning on the fact it won't be) but there is still just some sort of thrill being in the race atmosphere. It's a feeling I've missed and I have been itching to race again.

cute shirt, discounted parking, discounted entry into the auto show, and a free donut. Score!

-The fact that Megan and I signed up for another race together.

We decided to do a local small 5k race on February 9th with the intent to run it hard. I'm pretty darn stoked to race with her and see what we've got February...when it could potentially be negative degrees and 50 ft of snow.

- Weekend plans up the wazoo.

Besides the race, I'm also finally going to see Les Mis with my mom tomorrow. Then, Ryan and I are heading back downtown to go to the auto show with his sis & fiance. Sunday, Ryan and I have reservations at a fancy restaurant in Ann Arbor for Ann Arbor Restaurant week. We've been dying to try  The Chop House  forever, but it's pricey. It's slightly cheaper for Restaurant week, so we decided, why not? Good food and wearing a dress? Okay by me.

-Buying tix to see Book of Mormon

I've heard nothing but good things about this show, so when I found out it was coming to Detroit, I was ecstatic. Ryan and I snatched up tickets as soon as they went on sale today. March 16 can't come soon enough.

-Surviving the first week back to school.

This is the heaviest course load I've taken this time around at school - 9 credits. Plus, the classes aren't blow off ones either: Microbio & chem 2. However, the first week went well and I like both teachers. I've even way ahead on homework for microbio.

-Keratin smooth tresemme conditioner.

Sometimes it's little things, like finding a new conditioner make your hair feel nice. And I love the fact that it's cheap.  I found it yesterday, so I've only used it once, but I definitely like it.  We shall see if it holds up compared to salon smoothing conditioners.

-Holding a plank over 2 minutes - TWICE.

It's not a big deal to a lot of people, I know that. To me? It's huge. New goal is 2:30, then 3:00 minutes. Here's to hoping!
current record
-The show, Girls.

I literally cannot get enough. Ryan and I watched the first season over break and now that season 2 just started, I'm completely obsessed. It's definitely weird at times and shows a lot of explicit scenes, but it's also funny and fun. Shoshanna is my favorite (personality-wise) because she's so quirky and naive.

-Suit & Tie

I'm a not-so-closeted Justin Timberlake fanatic, so when I found out he was releasing a new single, I was sooo excited. He didn't disappoint. Suit & Tie is my new jam. It's been on repeat constantly (much to Ryan's chagrin).

-Finally having a healthy boyfriend.

Here's a not-so-fun story: Ryan developed bronchitis after flupacolypse, which turned into pneumonia and a fractured rib (from coughing too hard). We had to go to the ER at midnight last week (and were there until 3am). It was scary on so many levels (because he was in so much pain and because the ER has a bunch of crazy patients in the middle of the night). He obviously still has some pain here and there, but he's definitely feeling a lot better.

So let's chat:

-What favorites/happy things are on your list for the week?

-Anyone else love the show Girls? Or Justin Timberlake?

-How have you been dealing with winter training? Any big accomplishments, new routines, exciting things?

-Share one fun thing you're doing this weekend (even if it's just lounging on the couch after a long week).

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