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Posted Nov 15 2012 8:13am

Hydration- it’s important.

However, hydration can come in many forms- water, soda, juice and of course alcohol (pretend this hydrates you instead of dehydrating you…).  If there’s one thing I like, it’s hydration choices. That’s where the new Coca-Cola Freestyle machines come in.

Now I’ve been having fun with these machines for a while.  There’s one in a Cosi right near our place (don’t ask how often we eat there…) and each time we go it’s an adventure to drink land.

PartyDog and I don’t drink soda but this machine has so many options it doesn’t even matter. There are so many choices it’s almost ridiculous.

The best part is, they have drinks that you can’t find anywhere else! I’ve personally never seen the Dasani sensations anywhere else (I haven’t really looked for them though) so I’m always siked to try a new flavor whenever I see one of these machines.

Once you use one, you’ll be excited for the next time you see one–trust me.   Linds did:

Nothing like two random girls taking pictures with a machine in a busy restaurant.  Though we got a ton of weird looks, I’m fairly certain we got people curious as to why we were excited and taking pictures with a drink machine.

They clearly haven’t tried the Peach Dasani Sensation of they would understand our love.

So tasty with barely any calories. Score! And this awesome machine may even trick your friends into actually thinking they like you since you take them to get fun drinks. Double score!

I’m sure you’ve seen these machines popping up all around wherever you live.  If you haven’t and want to play around with one yourself, check their website: ! They are totes worth finding!  But don’t forget to invite me along so I can try a different drink and have you pay for it.

That’s all the nonsense I have for now!

**Coca-Cola Freestyle contacted me to check-out their machines and write a review for compensation.  While they may be compensating me, these busted opinions are 100% my own. 

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