September 8, 2011 · 9:05 pm

Yesterday the 2011 Wednesday night races kicked off again!

Fall 2011. The first race is at hawerluk park and is a 5km XC. This was honestly the worst race I have competed in all year time/running wise. Much worse than my previous years on this same track, same day. It was also 31 degrees outside because in our lovely city Edmonton summer falls in the first week of September when NO ONE has holidays.

Anyways long story short my ruined shoulder/ collar-bone started to act up and cramped up my neck my shoulder girdle and down my armpit at about 2.5km and my time plummeted.

I really found that LSD pavement training for the Edmonton marathon really hurt my XC pacing etc. Which, is to be expected but I have been clocking a ton of kms and hills but I need that short quick XC power back. I am back on a strict XC training schedule for the next few weeks here; still pumping in LSD runs once a week since it will be half-marathon time again in early October. I ran 4 km in 20 min flat today in the heat so I am moving back in the right direction.

The Ooks are up and kicking in full force now the first grand prix is this Saturday at Goldstick with the deadly Esso hill all Edmontonian runners love/dread.  I may even enter and run as an open. It will be the first time ever I race an ACAC grand prix as an open runner and not as a registered college athlete. OR the first race I don’t race at all and just coach. Exciting but kind of crazy!

Anyways next blog next Wednesday it’s the Emily Murphy 8km XC!

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