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Fourth Times a Charm - Fox Cities Annual Kickoff

Posted Apr 20 2012 12:46am
It doesn’t feel like it but it was three years ago today that I first returned to running. That first day was when I attended the company’s kickoff for the Fox Cities marathon race series. Today I attended the annual Fox Cities marathon kickoff event again for the fourth time. It really does seem like last week that I was sitting there at that first kickoff event wondering if I should try and sign up for my first half marathon. Today brought back a lot of memories of that first year and of the four times I have attended the event.
This year’s kickoff was pretty tame compared to last year’s. I guess last year the company became a bigger player and wanted to play that aspect up a little more. But this year was really low key with no featured speakers or an overview from the race director. It pretty much was come in and register for the event you are interested in and visit the expo. This is not at all like the previous years where you would be sitting and listening to stories of previous runners and their achievements. It is not the overview and Q&A with the race director that we all have become accustomed to. In the past you could sit there and go from doubt or even fear of doing the event for the first time to being motivated and inspired to register for and complete your goal. I think there was some real disappointment this year with some of these elements left out.
Yes I did register for the Fox Cities half marathon again this year at the event. I wanted to run it with a couple of friends from work. It will be a good and fun training run for me in the fall. One of my friends will be doing her first half and I am excited to be a part of it with her. I just have to start getting in shape for it so I don’t hold her back. Hopefully we can do a 2:30 or less for it. As an added bonus the medal will display my current home town on it. It is the next to last in the series featuring all of the communities here in the valley. I have to have this one since it is my home town and to keep my collection going.
So race wise I have now signed up for all but one of the fall races I plan to do. Only the North Face trail race still needs to be registered for. I am waiting to see if for some reason I am selected for New York but still praying that I am not selected. If I luck out and do not get selected then the North face Challenge race will be the last long race I register for this year. I am looking at doing two charity races this spring for local charities we support. So the schedule is pretty set and the goals very clear for me. Roughly 20 weeks from now I have my first big race. Time to buck up and start some real training.

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