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Fourth Time's a Charm

Posted Feb 06 2011 12:00am
A snow storm, an ice storm, and a morning of freezing rain have all kept me from the elusive 18 miler I discussed weeks ago. Today I finally got to do the run. And it was FREAKIN' FANTASTIC!!!

The plan was a descending run from a warm-up pace to marathon pace. I have to admit, as I started the run I had a lot of doubts. Things didn't feel right. The water belt was driving me insane (I hope to do a whole post about this someday). The roads were slippery and cars weren't giving me a whole lot of room. And it was a lot colder than the temperature indicated outside. I pressed on anyway and did the first segment averaging an 8:57. The next segment was supposed to be faster and with the wind standing me up, it took me a little longer and with a little more effort to actually achieve the pace. Around miles 8 and 9 something happened, though. I hit the zone. I love the zone. It is my favorite part of running. The miles tick off; the pace seems light; I hear and see nothing. Before I know it I'm back in town heading to my car to rearrange water bottles and nutrition. I finish the second segment averaging 8:23. Finally I'm on the last 6 miles and it's going to be tough as I'm heading back out again. The last 16 miler I ran had me suffering starting at around mile 13 and I fully expected that again. Except, it didn't happen. I was flying and feeling fantastic. I busted through the next three miles and then it was time to turn around and head back to my car for the last time. Since I only had three miles left and I was still feeling great, it was time to let the legs fly. I thought at any point the monkey would jump on my back, but it never happened. I finished the last segment averaging 7:58 and my overall average for the 18 miles was 8:26. I am SO loving marathon training right now.

I was excited to come home and enter my data for coach. Instead I came home to no electricity which meant no heat in the house and no hot cocoa. :( It also meant a shower in the dark and a trip to my parents' house to watch the OSU basketball game.

Once our power did come back on and I sent the workout to coach this is the response I got

This workout was a big confidence boost for upcoming races. The first of which is this Sunday...
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