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Four for Friday

Posted Feb 01 2013 7:13am
1.  I had to go to the dentist yesterday after work. I chipped a tooth before Christmas and a molar sometime last year...yeah I know I should have addressed that sooner but it hasn't bothered me.  Clearly I was overdue for a cleaning. I was a little terrified of what he might tell me.

I sort of hate needles and drills in my mouth and have a bad habit of passing out..

 Luckily it will be all easy fixes and my teeth look great!  Yay no new cavities, I just have to go back to have the back molar fixed.

2.I just finished Lost on Netflix.  Now I need a new show to watch while cooking.  Any great suggestions?  Anyone else a little disappointed with the way Lost ended?

3.  Today is my third day of work in a row.  I know poor me.  I usually break it up a little during the week.  I also don't usually run on work days unless I get off work early.  When we have all the surgeries done and are ready for the next day, we get to leave. Pretty nice really.

I am hoping very much to get off work early so I am going to wear my running clothes to work.  I can do this since I change into scrubs (pajamas) once I get there.

4. I have been good about getting my HIIT workouts in this week and the best part is I have even been getting my husband to do them with me.  I am on ZCUT 5, we did it last night.  That was a tough one and on top of it I threw The newest ZWOW.  I let my husband think they were supposed to be done together.  We were both wiped when we were done.  Love it!
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