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Four Courts Four & St. Patrick's Day 8k - Legs 3 & 4 of March McMadness

Posted Mar 17 2010 3:34am

As you are aware constant reader, I’ve been battling myself over how to run this particular weekend of March MadnessLeap the Leprechaun on a killer course or try to PR the 8k and place in my age group.  Since last year’s St. Patrick’s Day 8k had the top women in my age group running waaaaaay under what I could hope to run, I thought it better to try to leap the leprechaun.  Coach George caught wind and shut it down , so I ran the four miler race with my dad. 

I ran Four Courts with my camera to be sure I didn't decide to take off.  When we tackled the hill, I was pretty grateful to be running his pace instead of trying to outsmart a pretty smart leprechaun.

Guess what, Dad apparently doesn’t like monster hills either.  He lives in Ashburn and they don’t make hills like that out there!  I was his cheer squad as he tried to manage that hill (he wound up 3rd in his 10 year age group, he’s 69, so next year he can be the youngster!).  Afterwards he declared that he would absolutely run it again next year. 

2011 snowstorms beware, now Dad has a goal race, so he won’t let you mess with his training next year!

We both loved the shirts!  I wore mine the next day at the St. Patrick’s Day 8k .  

First race in shorts!  It was a bit humid and I opted for just a tee and shorts.  I went out much faster than I did at Van Metre 5 miler (6:47 v 7:07) and wound up with an overall time 54 seconds slower than VM.  A couple of ladies who ran VM were there as well, and they said they were about a minute off as well and didn’t feel good.  For sure, I felt like I ran a race, unlike VM were I felt fine at the finish.  But I took it to running the day before and even the slower pace up that hill may have taken it’s toll.

All and all, not as many people ran St. Patrick's Day as last year, and I wound up winning my age group!  Pretty cool, I received a technical *festive* race shirt, $50 gift certificate to an area running store, and I wound up getting a random prize for $25 to another area running store.  So, no PR, but hey, it was *money*.

This weekend my focus is on leg 5 of March Madness, SunTrust National Half Marathon !  My running crew, Capital Area Runners , has some really fast runners who will be running the Half and the Full!  Since I work for SunTrust, I obtained my race entry through them and I just saw that I received an elite bib # (25).  A little embarrassing, our fastest guy is running the marathon and he has a # in the 1000's... ;)  

Oh well, here's hoping it helps me run like a 25 year-old!  (well, not me when I was 25, because I was *pokey*, but like a fast 25 year-old)

It's slated to be in the 50's at race start, so I've already pulled out the shorts and the tank top to wear.  I have a little concern over the weather, as I've been really getting hot on my runs, but I'm hoping I've had so many indoor workouts this season that I'm acclimated to running in the 60's.  The indoor track I did so many workouts on is on the 3rd floor of our gym and it is really hot and humid up there.

I'm still working on the tapering aspect of this race, it's starting to play with my head, should I do this, should I do that.  I'm really trying to stay focused on the taper plan I laid out for myself when my brain was working, and so far - so good!  ;)

I know a lot of you are running National or Shamrock full or half, or a 10 miler this weekend, best of luck to everyone, this is what we've all been focused on for so long, here's hoping to the start slow | finish fast.  Coach George told me to not wear a watch at all, so I'm going to be flying blind. 

Good Luck!!  I can't wait to see everyone's race reports!
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