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Forrest yoga with Kathy Tarnoff at Back Bay Yoga

Posted Feb 22 2013 5:03am

I had to get a morning workout in yesterday if I wanted to make it to my friend’s happy hour celebration.  So what did I do?  I set an ambitious goal of making the Back Bay Yoga  6:15 am Forrest yoga class with Kathy Tarnoff.  But hey-looks like I made it!  I did almost fall back asleep as I was laying on my mat before class but I managed to force myself to stay awake a little longer until class began.

Forrest Yoga with Kathy Tarnoff

I was interested in attending Kathy’s class because she used to be a Division I, two sport athlete.  In fact…one of her passions was running half marathons!  Kathy’s profile on the Back Bay Yoga website said that she took her first Forrest yoga to improve her fitness level, core strength, and prevent injury.  She got so into her practice that she decided to move on to share her passion and teach Forrest yoga.

Ana Forrest (the founder of Forrest yoga) started this form of yoga to work through her own healing.  She would modify familiar poses to suit what her body needed or even invent new poses.  Ana wants Forrest yoga to be for those willing to learn and listen to their body, not just those who are really strong or flexible.

After Kathy’s class, I can see that you don’t need to be strong or flexible.  It seemed geared towards an athlete who isn’t necessarily the yogi who can bend in all which ways.  Also the practice was like a mix between Vinyasa and Hatha. You flowed through your Vinyasa and there were times you stayed in a pose for a longer period of time.  We did some great moves that will really help me as a runner improve flexibility and, as a result, prevent injury.  The typical runner has tight IT bands, hips, hamstrings and quads which can end poorly…like it did for me after Boston Marathon 2012 and my hip overuse injury.  After that experience, I think it should be pretty much mandatory that once you decide you want to run-you need to do yoga.  I wish I had earlier!

I like getting a practice/workout in early in the morning even though I still am re-adjusting to it.  I used to get up at 4am and workout regularly for my Boston 2011 marathon training and for Pumpkinman HIM training, but I haven’t done morning workouts in a while.  I think after one more week of morning workouts I’ll be re-adjusted!  To help with my morning workout routine, I’m off to a bright and early 6:00 am Pure Barre Boston class! #LTB!

PS.  Stay tuned…I’ll be announcing the Redline Fight Sports giveaway winner today!

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